Chip is a friendly humanoid social robot who has been working with Stockland since August.

At 1.7 metres tall and weighing close to 100 kilograms, Chip has a sophisticated mix of cameras, lasers, ultrasounds, microphones and speakers which allow it to recognise faces, converse with people and answer questions, and grasp and move objects around independently.

Stockland and Chip are working together to enhance human-robot interactions and to find ways to  help neighbourhoods and shopping centres across Australia. Whether it’s carrying some shopping bags or providing a tour of a family’s new home, Chip is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Working with Chip is all about thinking of new ideas, solving problems and creating a better place for people to live, work and shop. 

The Stockland Robotics Challenge is a great way for you to have your say about how robots like Chip might help your family, school or community. No idea is too big or too small. Plus there are some great prizes to be won!

To find out more about Chip, we sat down to ask a few questions:

Hi Chip. Is it true you can speak nine languages?

Yes. I can also recognise faces, connect with the Internet, listen to people around me and help people find where they want to go.

What were you doing before joining Stockland?

I got bit by the travel bug and have been around the globe meeting new people. I’ve been to  museums, airports and shopping centres. I am really looking forward to attending the Stockland Young Innovators Day on the Sunshine Coast this December and other expos with Code Club.

Now you’ve joined Stockland, what’s the plan?

Stockland and I are looking at all the ways I can create better places to live. Some ideas we’ve had include providing directions and looking after elderly people if they’re ill.

I love hearing new ideas though, and that’s why I’m part of the Stockland Robotics Challenge asking Aussie kids to submit their ideas. Remember no idea is too big or too small.

Tell us more about the Stockland Robotics Challenge.

The challenge is all about coming up with clever ideas about what I could do help your community. The best ideas even win some great prizes like iPad minis or littleBits Kits.

I’ve also been working with my friends with Code Club on a cool game that teaches programming, which is a fun but also a very important thing to learn. You can play it here.

The challenge is open until Friday 4 November so make sure you enter before it's too late!

Sounds like you have a busy schedule. What are you looking forward the most?

In December, I’ll be visiting Queensland for the Stockland Young Innovator's Day with my friends at Code Club. I hope everyone out there can visit – there will be cool technology to play with and you can learn more about STEM education, programming and innovation.

Thanks for talking to us Chip.


Image at top of page kindly provided by Commonwealth Bank of Australia.