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CommunityConnection Circle REV O



Stockland Liveability Score
(above target of 80 per cent)

Health and wellbeing

Our focus on liveability in the design and delivery of our retirement living villages and residential communities has resulted in residents scoring their wellbeing above national averages. Our Liveability Index gives us a transparent method for prioritising our efforts in designing, planning and building what is important to residents.

The Wellbeing score for retirement living residents was 82, and was 79 for residents of our residential communities (both above the national average of 72-76).


CommunityConnection Circle REV O



Over $6.0 million contributed
to our communities

Community contribution

In FY17, we invested over $6 million through community development, community investment and the Stockland CARE Foundation. Over the year we delivered 640 community development initiatives across our assets and awarded more than $300,000 of community grants to 320 local community organisations.

We awarded more than $300,000 of community grants to 320 local community organisations.

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For more information see our Community Deep Dive and Community Data Pack.


Optimise and Innovate


Biodiversity Circle REV CORP


Net +

Net positive improvement in biodiversity as a result of our residential developments


We achieved a positive aggregated net impact of our FY15 to FY17 projects, with an average index score of 7.76 for the three-year period using our biodiversity calculator (see case study). 24 per cent of our land area from these projects is contributing to biodiversity conservation by serving as riparian corridors or nature reserves, for example.

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For more information see our Biodiversity Deep Dive and our Environment Data Pack.


Biodiversity Circle REV CORP


11% ↓

Greenhouse gas intensity reduction in Commercial Property since FY14

Greenhouse gas emissions

We continue to reduce our greenhouse gas intensity at our Commercial Property assets, and since FY06 our greenhouse gas emissions intensity has reduced by 40% across Retail and by 55% across Office and Business Parks. We have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 60% by FY25 (FY06 baseline).



  • 54.93
  • 58.55
  • 60.66
  • 61.52
  • 65.00
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For more information see our Carbon and Energy Deep Dive and Environment Data Pack.


CarbonEnergy Circle REV CORP


2.39 GWh

gigawatt-hours of solar power produced

Renewable energy produced

We continue to invest in renewable energy as a means of mitigating impacts of energy price fluctuations and reducing the emissions intensity of our portfolio. Solar arrays are operational at our centres in Shellharbour, Wetherill Park, Green Hills, and Nowra. We will invest $23.5 million in solar installations across our Retail portfolio from FY18-20.



  • 2,387,168
  • 1,940,689
  • 292,124
  • 175,374
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For more information see our Carbon and Energy Deep Dive and Environment Data Pack.


FavouriteStar Circle REV CORP


rated 6 residential communities as either 5 or 6 Star Green Star - Communities  

Green Star ratings

We have the most Green Star rated residential communities of any developer in Australia. We also have the largest number of Green Star rated Retail properties in Australia, as verified by the Green Building Council of Australia.

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For more information see our Asset Rating and Certification Deep Dive .


Waste Circle REV CORP



residential development waste diverted from landfill since FY14


retail development waste diverted from landfill since FY14

Waste management

We continue to achieve high rates of waste diversion from landfill across our development projects. For example, we implemented an innovative earthworks strategy or our new development at Newport that reused over 1.5 million cubic metres of spoil – saving the project over $3.5 million (see case study).

45 per cent of our Retail operational waste and 46 per cent of our Office and Business Parks operational waste was diverted from landfill in FY17.

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For more information see our Waste and Materials Deep Dive and Environment Data Pack.


Biodiversity Circle REV CORP


2% ↓

Water intensity reduction across Retail, Office and Business Parks in FY17

Water management and quality

Our focus on water efficiency at our Commercial Property assets has continued to drive reductions in water use on a per square metre basis. We expanded our water sub-metering across our portfolio, which has enabled quick rectification of leaks, clarity in water use activities, and education for our tenants on their water usage (see case study).

We continue to design our residential communities and retirement living villages to be water efficient, and set water quality targets for their development to minimise pollutants from construction.


Biodiversity Circle REV CORP



improved resilience of our North Queensland Retail portfolio

Climate and community resilience

We completed climate and community resilience assessments across our Retail, Residential, and Retirement Living portfolio to understand how climate change may impact our assets and the people living within and around them. Our reassessment of our North Queensland shopping centres found that their resilience had improved following the climate resilience actions implemented (see case study).

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For more information see our Climate and Community Resilience Deep Dive.


Enrich our Value Chain


StakeholderEngagement Circle REV G



Corporate LTIFR of 1.8

Health and safety

Our continued focus on health and safety across our business has resulted in the lowest lost time injury frequency rate of 1.8, the lowest rate in six years. This result can be attributed to various remedial activities implemented progressively throughout the year.



  • 1.8
  • 4.0
  • 4.7
  • 6.1
  • 5.6
  • 7.4
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For more information see our Health and Safety Deep Dive. Further information on our overall approach to risk management can be found in our Governance and Risk Deep Dive.


StakeholderEngagement Circle REV G



100 per cent of our policies reviewed against the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Human rights

Our commitment to both respect and promote human rights underpins our business activities and stakeholder relationships, and this is appropriately reflected in our human rights policies and procedures. We launched our second Reconciliation Action Plan (FY17 – FY19) and have procured over $3,261,000 from 31 First Nation suppliers (since FY13). We also continue to focus on making our centres accessible and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities.

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For more information see our Human Rights Deep Dive.


StakeholderEngagement Circle REV G



Winner of the Project Innovation Award for the Aura Engagement Excellence Program   

Stakeholder engagement

We continue to appreciate the importance of comprehensive and considerate stakeholder engagement at our projects, with our new residential community at Aura receiving recognition for excellence in engagement (see case study).

We delivered several successful initiatives to address housing affordability by focusing on sales to first home buyers, such as our ‘100 homes in 100 days’ (NSW) and ‘200 homes in 100 days’ (Vic) initiatives.

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For more information see our Stakeholder Engagement Deep Dive.


StakeholderEngagement Circle REV G



Local jobs created at Stockland Green Hills


construction services procured through local businesses for Stockland Green Hills redevelopment

Supply chain management

We continue to partner with contractors and other suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. Local employment and procurement are key components of our supply chain framework, and our Green Hills redevelopment project is an example of where our developments have resulted in positive impacts for the economy of the local area (see case study).

Health and safety is also an important focus for us and our suppliers, and we have partnered with Mates in Construction to raise awareness of mental health at our worksites (see case study).

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For more information see our Supply Chain Deep Dive.


StakeholderEngagement Circle REV G



employee engagement score

Employee engagement

A highly engaged workforce is critical to our success, and we work to maintain high levels of engagement through investing in our collaboration systems, Flexibility@Stockland, and our digital workplace strategy.

We launched the Stockland Leadership Experience in September 2016, to further develop the abilities of our senior leaders. Following the program we have seen a shift in leaders’ capacities to innovate and incorporation of mindfulness techniques into their work.


StakeholderEngagement Circle REV G



gender pay equity ratio

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion continues to be a key driver of engagement for our staff. Key aspects of our approach to diversity and inclusion are our four Employee Advocacy Groups: Gender Equity; Parents and Carers; Wellbeing, LGBTI+ and Cultural Inclusion; and Disability and Flexibility.

45.9 per cent of our management team are women, continuing toward our target of 50 per cent by 2020. We have implemented an indigenous hiring strategy, expanded our graduate program, and met our targets in relation to engaging employees with disability.

Inspecting the solar array at Stockland Shellharbour shopping centre in Shellharbour (NSW)

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