Together, we create the future – it’s a big statement that reflects what Stockland does and the impact our work has on our communities and our country. We are excited about what the future holds. We believe there is a better way to live and this is reflected in what we do and how we work each day. With our values to guide us, we strive to find better ways to work and to deliver on our purpose sustainably now and into the future. We collaborate to grow and succeed, fostering an inclusive and rewarding work environment where each member of our team can thrive.

Find out more about how we’re creating the future below.


We're driven to deliver, sustainably

We believe we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to create the right balance of social, environmental and economic conditions for our communities, customers and investors now and in the future. Our sustainability strategy integrates with our business strategy and priorities, providing a better way to deliver shared value for all stakeholders.

We have a long and proud history of contributing to local communities across Australia. Our numerous giving, volunteering and community development activities reflect this commitment. Our Giving and Volunteering program provides a wide range of opportunities for employees to get involved and contribute to the communities in which we operate.

The Stockland CARE Foundation, established in 2015, also provides a tangible expression of our commitment. The CARE Foundation amplifies our support of Australian communities by directing our investment to strategic partners in the areas of wellbeing and education; boosts existing opportunities for employee giving and volunteering efforts; and supports our overarching sustainability strategy.


We collaborate to grow and succeed

At Stockland, we support each other to succeed by sharing our energy, expertise, ideas and insights. Our customers benefit when we bring our masterplans and developments to life by collaborating with internal and external experts and stakeholders. Our team benefits when together we deliver on our commitments, achieving great results while living our values. Our people also benefit from enjoying a range of experiences and opportunities to grow their career through collaboration.

With a diverse business, we offer a variety of diverse career paths that can take you across our portfolio and across the country. We encourage our people to take charge of their career and professional development. Striking the right balance of individual achievements and collaborative team contribution will set you on the path to success at Stockland.


We find flexible ways to work 

We encourage our people to work flexibly in the way that works best for them. We understand that our people work best when their work and non-work lives are working well together. We also recognise that no two lives are the same. That's why our 'One Simple Thing' flexibility program encourages each employee to nominate their own flexible work arrangement so they can train for a marathon, spend time with their children, play sport, or manage their 'life admin'. This complements more formal arrangements like part-time work and job-sharing. 


We're a community, creating communities

When you're part of Stockland, you're part of a community that creates communities across the country. We all play a part in delivering valuable places, services and experiences for our customers and communities, whether working directly with customers each day or supporting the teams that create and operate great places. As one of Australia's largest diversified property groups, our people have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues and partners with diverse expertise to make a positive difference to our communities.


We bring common values and different perspectives

We’re committed to diversity in our workforce and a culture of inclusion in our workplaces. We seek out different perspectives to drive inclusive, informed decision making. Delivering on our purpose - we believe there is a better way to live - means creating a workplace where everyone can belong and contribute. It also means we can better understand our customers, who also come from vibrant and distinctive communities across Australia.

91% of our people believe that Stockland's leadership supports diversity in the workplace, recognising and respecting differences in people.

Stockland's Your Voice employee engagement survey, 2018

Everyone can play a part in enhancing Stockland's diversity and inclusion by supporting the four pillars of our diversity and inclusion strategy:

  • Wellbeing, Accessibility and Cultural Inclusion - supporting employee wellbeing, accessibility, and cultural diversity and awareness.
  • Gender Equity - ensuring the equitable attraction, retention, development and remuneration of men and women at Stockland.
  • Flexibility - supporting and increasing participation in our our flexibility and 'One Simple Thing' initiatives.
  • LGBTI+ - providing an inclusive workplace for LGBTI+ employees and enhancing Stockland's positioning as an employer of choice for LGBTI+.