Our customers come from vibrant and unique communities across Australia. They live in our communities and retirement villages, shop in our retail centres, work in our buildings and invest in our company. To reflect our diverse customer needs, we need employees with different backgrounds and experiences.

Stockland is committed to creating a diverse workforce by providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment including recruitment, training, promotion and remuneration. We offer a workplace environment where everyone can contribute authentically and holistically. It is also important to us to ensure flexibility is not just supported, it is encouraged.

Embracing a diverse workforce is critical for our business to attract and retain the most talented people. Building a more inclusive workplace facilitates greater diversity of thought, more informed decision making and ultimately better business outcomes.

95% of our people feel that Stockland provides a working environment that is accepting of differences in cultural background or lifestyles.

'Our Voice' Employee Survey, 2016

Organisations we partner with to assist in achieving our diversity objectives include: DCA, Women on Boards, National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), the NSW Equal Employment Opportunity Practitioners' Association (NEEOPA) and the Australian Network on Disability.