Aisha joined Stockland as a graduate and works in Commercial Property.


Why did you choose to apply for the Stockland Graduate Program? 

I did some research prior to working here, and Stockland presented itself as a company that had a commercial mind with a social heart. I joined Stockland because I wanted to be part of a quality rotational graduate program where I could experience a variety of roles and get exposure to different parts of a business. Being a law graduate, I was eager to apply my skills in a variety ways and Stockland is a place where I have had the opportunity and support to do that.  

To survive as a company you need good commercial people with commercial minds, but at the end of the day I want to work somewhere that gives me a sense that my work has a bigger impact on people’s lives and makes it better – whether that be a shopping centre or a business park. We are able to see the impact of what we do each day and how we tackle commercial challenges to deliver spaces that improve people’s lives and that’s hugely rewarding.  


Together, we create the future at Stockland. What does the future look like in your space?

Stockland is a place where there are so many growth opportunities. In the Commercial Property space, there are lot of things happening particularly in the retail sector. We are investing in solutions within our existing portfolio rather than buying new land. In logistics, there are lot of growth opportunities where customers are looking for dual purpose properties such as combining office and warehousing. These areas will provide exciting opportunities to be creative and think about what will delight our customers. 

As a graduate it's quite thrilling to be tackling opportunities head-on and see these projects through from beginning to end. What’s even better is knowing our leaders are willing to invest in you as a graduate and that makes you feel valued. 


What does our purpose – ‘we believe in a better way to live’ – mean to you? 

In the retail environment, our purpose means making the retail experience better for our customers and refining where we can deliver more than our competitors. It’s about convenience, creating a place where our customers can get all of what they need in one place. In Workplace and Logistics, while the use is slightly different it’s also about amenity and convenience. I try to put myself in our customers' shoes – if I was working here, what would delight me? At the end of the day you have to think about what ‘a better way to live’ means to them. 


What does flexible work mean to you? 

Personally, flexibility is about trust and accountability. In the Commercial Property sector, we regularly work on site and there is a level of trust when no one is there to check where you are and track your whereabouts. It’s all about your maturity and you are trusted to get your work delivered as agreed. I feel very supported to manage my work and personal commitments – it’s really about good communication with your manager and your team to make sure that workloads are fairly shared and our stakeholders are supported. 


How would you describe collaboration at Stockland?  

I worked on a project sponsored by our Executive member and it pretty much had everyone in retail involved to improve our tenant experience. This project mapped and accounted for every step in the process, from the initial contact with Leasing team until the store's opening. As you can imagine, different team members have different opinions about the process. This meant we brought the teams together over the course of the project to share their perspectives. Our ultimate goal was to create the best experience for our tenants and sharing that common goal made collaboration so much easier.   


What does inclusion mean to you? 

Inclusion for someone in my position means something as simple as being invited for coffee with other members of the team. Being new to the group, you just want to feel part of a team and at Stockland this seems to come pretty naturally. I find people are really welcoming and willing to help. From a leadership perspective, being included means being asked to get involved in meetings and projects and senior management seeking out your involvement in meetings. These might seem like small things but those can be the things that make a big difference and make you feel valued in the team.   


What have been the highlights of your time with Stockland so far? 

Being exposed to senior management has been a highlight for me – and the exposure you get as graduate is really significant. I have been part of important projects and I feel very grateful for that opportunity. I have been treated like an experienced professional. Where I have been involved in a specific project and done all of the ‘leg-work’, I have been given the opportunity to present to really senior external stakeholders with the support of senior managers. This was scary at first but also made me feel very trusted and valued. I feel like I really belong at Stockland.