Satchan joined Stockland in 2011 and manages the mailroom in our Sydney Head Office.


How did you come to work at Stockland?

I joined Stockland's head office catering team in 2011 through a friend who was working here. As an international student, the job was perfect for me because I was able to work part-time according to my visa conditions and study at the same time. At first I was nervous but after a few days at work I felt very welcome and comfortable as everyone treats you well and respectfully irrespective of your position.

I remained in that position for five years. After completing my study, I saw the Mailroom Manager role was available on the intranet and I applied without hesitation. I was delighted to become a full time employee.


Is Stockland's contribution to our community important to you?

I’m proud of Stockland for providing support to different charities through the employee volunteering programs which gives us the opportunity to get involved and feel that the contribution we make is helping the community. I have volunteered twice, helping in the kitchen for the Big Issue Breakfast and a team session at The Big Kitchen.

Stockland is not a company that thinks only of itself but also thinks about the whole community – for example, by developing land into successful communities that consider the value that its different aspects will bring to peoples’ lives.


What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

I came from overseas, and I was a bit afraid to come to work in a big company like Stockland but when I joined I was very happy that I took the job after feeling so warmly welcomed. This place includes people from different backgrounds or whatever gender you are. You are always respected at Stockland.


Is flexible work important to you?

Stockland's approach to working flexibly really does help many employees in their daily life, such as for parents who can arrange to come to work either earlier or later depending on their situation. For me, this is great when I have an appointment and can come to work either before or after.


Why do you choose to stay at Stockland?

Stockland is a workplace where you will feel comfortable and accepted irrelevant of your gender or background. Stockland also lets you move to different roles than the one you are initially hired for. I’m hoping one day to be a centre manager in our retail business.

I’m also excited about the contribution that technology can make to our organisation and to see how it can helps us to do our jobs more efficiently.