Halls Creek is a 1,280 hectare parcel of land located to the south of the Caloundra South Priority Development Area (now known as Aura), situated between the Bruce Highway and the Pumicestone Passage.

In its current form, the site has limited environmental value.  As a former pine plantation the site has been previously degraded, with more than 85% of the land cleared.  It is currently being used for cattle grazing.

Stockland's commitment

Stockland is committed to ensuring the local environmental of Halls Creek are protected.    If approved for future development, significant rehabiliation is planned for the site including rehabilitating the site’s existing degraded 140ha Melaleuca wetland and setting aside more than 400 hectares as a conservation area (covering one-third of site).  This conservation precinct will provide an additional buffer to the Pumicestone Passage as well as link to other protected areas located to the north and south, creating an ecological corridor to restore local habitat and fauna connectivity.

Emphasis on Water Management and Quality

Stockland intends to dedicate a detailed scientific approach to best practice water treatment and management at Halls Creek should it be identified as suitable for assessment. Given the project’s timeline for possible development post-2031, Stockland is committed to utilising the very latest technologies and techniques as they become available.  For example, Stockland is currently trialling the use of high efficiency sediment (HES) basins to manage construction site stormwater runoff at Aura.  These basins are proving to be an effective stormwater treatment device on construction sites as they can treat three times as much runoff as current best practice basins and treat runoff during rainfall events continuously.  To find out more about how these basins work click on the HES video clip located below.

The Halls Creek site drains to a large degraded 140 hectare wetland that provides additional water management protection and treatment.  This wetland, along with the rehabilitated 400 hectare conservation area Stockland intends to establish within the site, will be integral to protecting on-site and off-site water quality.