Halls Creek is a 1,278ha Stockland landholding on the southern edge of the Sunshine Coast. The site is 85% cleared and is a vacant, former pine plantation. The site extends from the Aura/ Caloundra South Priority Development Area on Bells Creek Road. 

The site is one of 10 ‘potential future growth areas’ within the South East Queensland Regional Plan (SEQRP), and the only ‘potential future growth area’ nominated on the Sunshine Coast. Potential future growth areas are locations that may be needed to accommodate longer-term urban growth.


This designation within the SEQRP does not confer any development rights, however one of the purposes of the designation is to protect these areas as contingency for future urban use, subject to longer term population growth and land supply demand. The Queensland Government has explained that the role of these ‘potential future growth areas’ will be further considered at the next review of the SEQRP, which will be undertaken circa 2022.


The Halls Creek potential future growth area is a general location and there are no formal, nominated boundaries. However, we understand that our property is the major landholding within the Halls Creek potential future growth area.


There is no access to Pumicestone Passage from our landholding. As the site is not visible from the Bruce Highway, future development would not reduce the ‘inner urban break’ which extends south from Bells Creek Road. As our site is in single ownership, there is less planning and project delivery complexity compared to other potential growth areas. 


This webpage previously contained information in the context of research and studies we completed about Halls Creek to inform the 2016 review of the SEQRP.  This webpage was updated in December 2018 to reflect the current status of our Halls Creek landholding within the current SEQRP.