Annual Review

Focusing on strategy, corporate governance, and our financial, social and environmental performance.

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Stockland Corporate Reporting 2016

Shareholder Review

A concise version of the Annual Review sent to all of our securityholders.

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Stockland Corporate Reporting 2016

Notice of Meetings

Our 2016 Annual General Meetings will be held on Wednesday 26 October 2016 at The Westin Sydney. The meeting with also be webcast live on the Stockland website.

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Stockland Corporate Reporting 2016

Financial Report

Our Financial Report is our detailed account of our FY16 financial performance, including in depth detail of our corporate governance and our remuneration report.

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Stockland Corporate Reporting 2016

Property Portfolio

Our Property Portfolio contains the details on each of the assets within our portfolio, and is updated every six months.

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Stockland Corporate Reporting 2016


The sustainability reporting content within the Annual Review has been externally assured in accordance with the Australian Standard for Assurance Engagements (ASAE3000): Assurance Engagements other than Audits and Reviews of Historical Financial Information and (ASAE 3410): Assurance Engagement on Greenhouse Gas Statements by Ernst & Young (EY).

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Our in-depth sustainability performance and management report in accordance with GRI G4, including detailed discussion on our material issues, data packs and case studies.

Our comprehensive Sustainability Reporting is available 

Disclosures on Management Approach

Our Disclosures on Management Approach (DMA) series supports and complements our annual corporate reporting by providing a detailed overview of our approach to managing key sustainability issues of significance to our business, our industry and our stakeholders.

The following DMAs are available for download:

Shape thriving communities

DownloadContent B Community (PDF)
DownloadContent B Customer engagement (PDF)

Optimise and innovate

DownloadContent B Asset rating and certification (PDF)
DownloadContent B Biodiversity (PDF)
DownloadContent B Carbon and energy (PDF)
DownloadContent B Climate and community resilience (PDF)
DownloadContent B Waste and materials (PDF)
DownloadContent B Water (PDF)

Enrich our value chain

DownloadContent B Diversity and inclusion (PDF)
DownloadContent B Employee engagement and development (PDF)
DownloadContent B Governance and risk (PDF)
DownloadContent B Health and safety (PDF)
DownloadContent B Human rights (PDF)
DownloadContent B Stakeholder engagement (PDF)
DownloadContent B Supply chain management (PDF)

The following data packs are available for download:

DownloadContent B Community data (PDF)
DownloadContent B Environmental data (PDF)
DownloadContent B People data (PDF)

Other supporting information is available for download:

DownloadContent B Our reporting approach (PDF)
DownloadContent B GRI index (PDF)