Stockland Corporate Reporting 2016

Stockland is one of the largest diversified property groups in Australia with more than $15.8 billion of real estate assets.

We own, manage and develop shopping centres, logistics centres and business parks, office assets, residential communities, and retirement living villages.

Founded in 1952, today Stockland leverages its diversified model to help create thriving communities where people live, shop and work. Our vision is to be a great Australian real estate company that makes a valuable contribution to our communities and our country.

This vision is underpinned by our purpose – “we believe there is a better way to live” – and is brought to life by our 1,500 employees who are guided by Stockland’s values of Community, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence (CARE).

Our primary objective is to deliver earnings per security growth and total risk-adjusted securityholder returns above the Australian Real Estate Investment Trust index average, by creating quality communities and property assets and delivering great customer experiences.

To optimise value to securityholders we are structured as a stapled security: a combination of a unit in Stockland Trust and a share in Stockland Corporation that are together traded as one security on the Australian Securities Exchange. This stapled structure allows Stockland to efficiently undertake property investment, property management and property development activities to create sustainable risk/reward outcomes.

About Stockland

Commercial Property 

Retail - We are one of the largest retail property owners, developers and managers in Australia. Our 42 retail centres accommodate more than 3,500 tenants and generate in excess of $6.6 billion of retail sales per annum.

Logistics and Business ParksOur Logistics and Business Parks portfolio comprises 27 properties encompassing 1.3 million square metres of building area. These properties are strategically positioned in key locations for logistics, infrastructure and employment. 

OfficeOur Office portfolio comprises 9 assets, mostly in Sydney.


We are the largest residential land developer in Australia. Our portfolio includes 56 communities across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. We are focused on delivering a range of masterplanned communities and medium density housing in growth areas across the country with over 76,800 lots remaining in our portfolio, with a total end value of approximately $18.8 billion.1 

Retirement Living 

We are a top three retirement living operator in Australia, with over 9,600 established units across five states and the Australian Capital Territory. The portfolio includes a development pipeline of 3,100 units. 

1 Excluding value on projects identified for disposal and assuming no material change in market conditions.

Stockland Corporate Reporting 2016

This diagram demonstrates what we control and influence across the value chain.

In FY14 we launched our medium density and completed homes program. This is allowing us to broaden our customer reach.

Stockland Corporate Reporting 2016

We have a commitment to developing and maintaining strong relationships with a broad range of stakeholders across our diverse business and understanding and responding to their unique perceptions, needs and concerns. We practice open, honest, two-way communication and recognise the mutual benefits that result from genuine engagement for both our business and our stakeholders.

At Stockland, we recognise the importance of engaging regularly and directly with all our stakeholder groups so that we understand their expectations, issues and concerns.
Employees We have 1,498 employees in Australia.  We engage with our employees through various internal communications and feedback mechanisms throughout the year including our annual Our Voice employee survey. Further information on our employee engagement is provided in: A better way to enrich our value chain.

Government and regulators Federal, state and local governments set the regulatory environment in which we operate. We engage regularly with all levels of government in New South  Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, both directly and through industry associations. We also engage with the Federal Government. More information on our government and industry relations is provided below.

Securityholders and the
investment community
We have over 51,000 securityholders in Australia and overseas.
We provide investor briefings on our strategy and financial results. At our Annual General Meeting (AGM), retail securityholders can engage with our Board of Directors and are updated on our strategy and performance. Our management also meets regularly with institutional investors. More information on our investor relations is provided below.

Customers We have daily contact with a diverse range of customers, including commercial, retail and industrial tenants, shoppers in our retail centres, our residential community customers, and residents in our retirement villages.
We regularly seek feedback from customers through surveys and research, and we incorporate feedback into our product design and service offerings. Customer Relations Management Systems are in place across all of our businesses to support regular, effective and responsive engagement with our customers. More information on our customer engagement is provided on pages 41-43 of the Annual Review.
Download Annual Review (PDF)

Suppliers We procure services and products from over 3,500 active suppliers, with the top 100 suppliers representing approximately 75% of our spend.
We actively monitor and engage with our suppliers. More information on our engagement with suppliers is provided in: A better way to enrich our value chain.

Communities The people that reside, work or engage in the areas where we operate.
Our engagement with communities includes community and consultation forums, one-on-one meetings with community groups and local leaders, as well as surveys and research. More information on our community engagement is provided in: A better way to shape thriving communities.

Media We interact with journalists across a wide spectrum of local, regional, metropolitan and national print and electronic media outlets.
We regularly engage with the media to provide information about our business that supports clearer and more accurate reporting. We aim to respond promptly to requests for information about our business activities. More information on our media relations is provided below.

Stakeholder engagement framework

We have a well-established stakeholder engagement framework which informs our Group strategy together with the strategies of our operating businesses and their assets and development projects.

Our Board and Executive Committee receive monthly reports with updates on our engagement approach and emerging stakeholder issues or concerns.

In addition to a Group-wide stakeholder engagement policy and strategy, Stockland has state-wide stakeholder engagement strategies and asset and project specific stakeholder engagement plans, which are adapted to specific operating contexts and focus on local issues.

At the start of every project, teams are required to identify key government and community stakeholders, the objectives of their engagement approach and any issues which might impact on the project in the future. Based on this, project-level stakeholder engagement plans are developed.

This is guided by our philosophy of proactive engagement and five fundamental principles including:

  • a proactive, harmonised approach across the business;
  • early prioritised engagement with stakeholders to help build a clear project vision and identify key milestones;
  • clear understanding of our stakeholders and their key drivers to build trust beyond the project;
  • regular communications, recording and reporting; and
  • capturing stakeholder trends across the business to inform our future strategy.

The development, implementation and monitoring of all plans is overseen by our Stakeholder Relations team, which is also responsible for ensuring lessons, trends and successful initiatives are shared across the business.

Investor relations

Our aim is to keep all securityholders well-informed of all major developments and business events that are likely to materially affect our operations and financial standing and the market price of our securities. In accordance with Principle 6 of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, a copy of our policy on our communication to securityholders is available on our website at

We provide securityholders with information through our annual and half year financial reports, our AGM and announcements of market sensitive and other information, including results and Q1 and Q3 updates. These documents are lodged with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and are publicly available on our website at

To support our retail securityholders having timely access to information, we promote the use of electronic communication, providing alerts on major announcements for those with registered emails. We also participate in online interviews with brokers (e.g. CommSec) and our major announcements are published on our corporate Twitter account, @Stockland. We also provide a printed half year and full year Shareholder Review with our half year distribution statement and annual Notice of Meeting.

Over the last four years we have sought to streamline our Financial Accounts and provide more integrated reporting to ensure our reports are accessible to all stakeholders.

All securityholders are encouraged to engage with senior management and our Board of Directors at our AGM. Copies of addresses made by the Chairman and Managing Director and the minutes of the AGM are also lodged with the ASX and are publicly available on our website.

We also communicate with the investment community via regular group and one-on-one management meetings, presentations by senior management, and by participating in domestic and offshore investor conferences and roadshows. Our market briefings are webcast over the internet.

In addition, the Chairman undertakes regular engagement with our major investors and proxy advisors, including the Australian Shareholders’ Association. This provides a useful forum for both the Board and our investors to stay abreast of current market views, commercial developments and industry trends.

Government and industry relations

Stockland prides itself on a high level of professional engagement with all levels of government. We actively engage with governments, public servants, regulators and our industry bodies in relation to policy and specific projects.

This engagement is guided by a Board endorsed government relations policy. The policy is updated annually and communicated through a range of channels, including face-to-face briefings, the intranet and our website.

Our policy is to make no donations to politicians or political parties at any level of government. This policy has been in place since 1 July 2008. We expect that all of our projects are judged solely on their merits and it is important to us that our community stakeholders share this view.

We actively monitor legislative and regulatory change directly through our businesses and our Government Relations team, as well as via key industry bodies. We are an active member of the Property Council of Australia (PCA), Urban Development Institute of Australia, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), the Shopping Centre Council of Australia and the National Association of Women in Construction, and they continue to be our primary representative bodies at both federal and state levels. We also engage with the Investor Group on Climate Change and participate as an Organisational Stakeholder in the Global Reporting Initiative.

Media relations

Stockland regularly engages with journalists at national, state, regional and local media outlets to communicate the strategic objectives of its business. We proactively engage with the media to communicate and respond to the issues that are important to our stakeholders, including our customers.

We distribute all major ASX announcements relating to major capital transactions, strategic partnerships and quarterly financial updates directly to media, and we have a dedicated in-house team available 24/7 to respond to all media inquiries. We also host detailed briefings with business and property journalists as an integral part of our half and full year reporting cycles. We frequently host and participate in media events, industry speaking engagements and interviews to broker important news and updates about our business.

As part of our approach to community consultation, we also ensure that the key facts relating to proposed or active developments are supplied to the appropriate media outlets for dissemination and consideration by the respective local communities in which we operate.


Dow Jones Sustainability Index (World), Member 2015-2016

Global Real Estate Sector Leader


Sustainability Award, Industry Leader 2016

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)

Sector Leader for Australian Diversified Property, 2015

Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)

Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation

FTSE4Good Index, Member 2015-2016

Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Australasian awards

2015-16 Winner, Best Process Improvement for procurement and supply chain excellence

NSW Green Globe Awards

2015-16 Finalist, Excellence in Energy Efficiency award for Stockland Shellharbour’s 1.22MW solar power project


A full list of our memberships is outlined below. Our involvement ranges from membership of committees and steering research projects to speaking at conferences and participating in industry forums:

Australian Business and Community Network

Australian Human Resources Institute

Australian Network on Disability

Better Buildings Partnerships

Business Council of Australia

Business Reporting Leaders Forum

CitySwitch Program Member

Diversity Council Australia

Global Compact Network Australia

Green Building Council of Australia

Green Cross’ Business Adaptation network

Global Reporting Initiative - Organisational Stakeholder

Investor Group on Climate Change

Livable Housing Australia

National Association of Women in Construction

Place Leaders Association

Property Council of Australia

Residential Development Council

Retirement Living Council

Shopping Centre Council of Australia

Supply Nation (formerly the Australian Indigenous Minority Supplier Council)

Sydney Business Chamber

The Sydney Institute

Urban Development Institute of Australia

Urban Taskforce Australia

Women on Boards