Strategic priorities


  Health and wellbeing
  • Activities and places that encourage positive physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Smart design that optimises accessiblity, safety and mobility

Stockland Sustainability Reporting 

  Community connection
  • Activities that foster engagement, pride and sense of belonging
  • Design that encourages sense of place and supports recreation and participation


  • Design that facilitates learning and education opportunities for all ages
  • Programs that support economic employment within our communities

FY17 progress

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Residential Communities National Liveability Score of 83%, third year above 80% target
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Residential Community resident Personal Wellbeing Index score of 79%, above the national average 72-76%
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Retirement Living resident Personal Wellbeing Index score of 82%, well above national average 72-76% 
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Three new inclusive playspaces developed with Touched by Olivia
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320 local community organisations awarded over $300,000 in total through the Stockland Community Grants program
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$6 million invested in community initiatives
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New targets set for health and wellbeing, education, and community connection to FY20

By using our skills and experience to facilitate healthier living, promote community connection and provide lifelong learning opportunities, we believe we will help to shape places where our customers want to live, shop and work.

Our proprietary industry and customer research tells us that these social impact areas are important to customers when deciding whether to live, recreate and shop with us. Aligning our activities to these focus areas allows us to create a positive impact on our communities, ensuring they thrive, now and into the future.

We coordinate our efforts in the community through a combination of mechanisms including:

  • Customer engagement – Maintaining high levels of communication with our local community to ensure we are responsive to their needs and interests
  • Community development – Local projects and initiatives that enhance the communities at Stockland’s assets
  • Community investment – Our employee volunteering and giving programs, and
  • Stockland CARE Foundation – Our charitable trust, which delivers infrastructure, programs and initiatives to Australian communities.


Customer engagement

We engage with our customers through satisfaction surveys and maintaining high levels of communication with our local community to ensure we are responsive to their needs and interests. We use these surveys to measure our progress against our strategic priorities.

For our Retirement Living business, we use our Residents’ Voice survey to measure residents’ satisfaction with the community elements of the village and their personal wellbeing whilst living in a Stockland retirement village.

The FY17 survey was completed by over 6,800 residents, with 90 per cent of residents rating their overall happiness between 7 and 10 on a scale of 1 (very unhappy) to 10 (very happy). The average happiness score was 8.4 out of 10 and 30 per cent of residents rated their happiness with village life as a 10 out of 10. The overall happiness across Stockland’s villages has remained stable since 2013.

Residents’ responses were also assessed against the Personal Wellbeing Index (founded by work conducted by the Australian Centre on Quality of Life at Deakin University).

This is a subjective assessment of quality of life, determined by questions that are directed at how people feel about themselves. Areas addressed include standard of living, personal relationships, health, feeling part of your community and how safe you feel. The Stockland average was 82.3 per cent while the national average sits at 75 per cent.

For our Commercial Property business, in addition to our tenant and mystery shopper surveys, we completed shopper survey asking shoppers questions regarding sustainability in our shopping centres. This was conducted by Stockland Research in April 2017 and we received 687 responses. The survey found a statistically significant positive correlation between involvement in community programs and shoppers’ overall rating of the shopping experience. Likelihood to recommend the centre to others also had a positive correlation with participation in community programs. The survey also found that we have a role to play in creating communities in our retail centres by providing activities and services beyond shopping (92 per cent agree).

For our Residential business, we use our proprietary liveability survey to assess residents’ satisfaction with their communities. Read more in the case study below.

Education K
Case study: Liveability – Fundamental to residents' wellbeing

As cities continue to experience strong population growth, we need to have an overarching focus on creating liveable, healthy and connected places for people.


Stockland Sustainability 2017
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Learn more about our Liveability Index at


Community development and investment


community development initiatives across Australia


contributed to community investment and development


hours volunteered by our employees


employees involved in our student mentoring program


In FY17, we invested $6 million through our community development, community investment programs and the Stockland CARE Foundation. Over the year 640 community development initiatives were delivered across our assets.

We continued to focus on our national partnerships delivering health and wellbeing, education and community connection benefits. Some of those benefits are listed below:

  • Live Life Get Active – Across 20 of our communities more than 5,000 people participated in our free outdoor activity camps to promote fitter, healthier and happier communities. Collectively participants reported losing 2,695 kilograms.
  • National Theatre for Children – More than 23,000 students in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth enjoyed live National Theatre for Children productions focussed on environmental preservation, protection, rehabilitation and stewardship within our residential communities.
  • Jamie’s Ministry of Food – More than 3,600 participants in our community based five- and seven-week cooking programs that teach individuals the basics of how to prepare simple, healthy, fresh and affordable meals. At our Stockland Wetherill Park kitchen 45 per cent of attendees were concession card holders.

We also received strong local interest in our Community Grants Program for a second year. We awarded more than $300,000 of community grants to 320 local community organisations in FY17. These winners comprise a diverse group of community organisations, including community preschools, men’s sheds, sporting clubs, respite for carers, youth wellbeing programs, suicide prevention groups, toy libraries, choirs, over 55s recreation and computing clubs, disability groups and children’s reading groups.

Fostering more inclusive and accessible communities remains an important goal. We added to our growing number of inclusive play spaces and opened three new play spaces in our residential and retail communities in partnership with our Stockland CARE Foundation partner Touched by Olivia. In FY17, two new accessibility initiatives were developed in consultation with the community. At our Stockland Shellharbour shopping centre we opened two quiet rooms designed to create a safe and calm retreat for parents, carers and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We also installed adult change facility based on ‘Changing Places’ design principles to provide an accessible toilet with a hoist to assist visitors with mobility impairments, and an adult-sized changing table.


Education K
Case study: Healthy eating with Jamie’s Ministry of Food

In FY17, over 3,600 of our residents, customers and local community members participated in a variety of initiatives to change behaviours through education and practical hands-on cooking classes with Jamie's Ministry of Food


Stockland CARE Foundation


raised by Stockland CARE Foundation


families with access to Redkite's services for
kids with cancer


marketing and maintenance costs avoided for
Touched by Olivia through volunteering

3 more

inclusive playspaces designed with
Touched by Olivia


We launched our CARE Foundation in 2015 to help improve the health, wellbeing and education of communities in and around our assets. In 2015, a survey of our shoppers found that only 50 per cent had heard of Redkite, with only 23 per cent aware of their activities. As few as 15 per cent of shoppers had heard of Touched by Olivia, with only eight per cent aware of what they do.

To increase awareness amongst both our employees and the broader community, we introduced an annual awareness-raising campaign – Foundation Fortnight. The two-week campaign held in late October included targeted events and activities to promote awareness and raise funds for the Stockland CARE Foundation and our partners across all our retail, residential and retirement living assets and our state offices.

Our shopping centres hosted ‘CARE Day’ on October 29, with a variety of children’s activities. CARE Foundation red kites and butterfly wings were available for purchase, with all proceeds going to our partners. Customers were invited to post pictures of their families enjoying care day with the hashtag #CareDay2016.

In seven of our retirement living villages we hosted Grandparents Day, inviting friends and families to take part in a range of activities including kite-making and story time. Across our residential sales offices, for a gold coin donation, customers could read about the Foundation and its cause whilst their children coloured in a Touched by Olivia colouring book or made and decorated a kite.

The campaign received incredible support from employees, customers, and our suppliers and partners. Over $290,000 was raised for the Stockland CARE Foundation’s charity partners.

Foundation Fortnight 2017 will be held from 2 October to 15 October 2017.


Stockland Sustainability 2017
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For more information on our customer engagement see our Customer Engagement and Experience Deep Dive.

For more information on our community initiatives see our Community Deep Dive and Community Data Pack.

Our targets

To ensure we create and shape our communities that thrive now and into the future.

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All of our residential and retirement living communities score above the Australian average National Wellbeing Index to FY17.
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Achieve consistent Stockland National Liveability Index scores of 80% across our residential communities.
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Make a meaningful contribution to community health and wellbeing, community connection and education in partnership with community groups supported directly and by the Stockland CARE Foundation.


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Visit for our FY18-FY20 targets.

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