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Fun, friendship and freedom

There's something for everyone

It's all up to you; there are group activities from fitness to fireside chats, from beekeeping and to bocce, from cards to cooking.

Our enthusiastic community managers are a big part of the social fabric. They work closely with homeowners to start new interest groups and to organise events and activities. They’re our extremely helpful ‘mines’ of information and your friendly point of contact for what’s going on. As a result, our communities typically have dozens of interest groups, ranging from book club, art and craft to beer brewing and fishing.

All this makes it easy to meet your neighbours, find people who share your interests and form lasting friendships. In fact, many of our homeowners plan to travel on holidays and road trips together to create shared memories and stronger friendships.

Our recreational precincts and leisure clubs are the social hub of the community, bringing homeowners together, creating a village atmosphere full of respect, and providing more opportunities to meet others and make connections. And the onsite community bus makes it easy for homeowners to enjoy a day trip, attend sporting and cultural events and to support charitable causes together.

And while there’s plenty going on inside the gates at Halcyon Communities, there’s nothing stopping you from getting involved in an organisation outside in the wider community. Our homeowners volunteer their time in school tuckshops, make Chemo bags and beanies for cancer patients and nearby hospitals, organise fundraisers for many different charities and restore historic items for local community groups. 

As well as enjoying greater financial peace of mind, you may also have more money to experience and enjoy a better quality of life. Downsizing, or ‘rightsizing’, into  Halcyon Communities often frees up capital from the sale of the family home. This can deliver you more cash for holidays, a boat or caravan, or spoiling the grandkids.

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