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Glades adventurers step out of their comfort zone

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May 28, 2019

Homeowners at Halcyon Glades are reaching new heights in fitness, confidence and adventure as they scale some of the region’s most spectacular peaks together.

Led by Glades personal trainer Tammy Cheadle, up to 12 hikers are traversing local mountains to discover breathtaking views while forming friendships.

Tammy started the Hiking Club several months ago as a way of encouraging homeowners to push their boundaries.

“I’ve been climbing these mountains for years and once you get up there the views are amazing,” she said.

“I wanted them to experience that because it’s a little bit out of their comfort zone.

“I’m all about building confidence and getting them to believe in their own ability.

“It is challenging to get up there in terms of cardio and leg strength, but once they get to the top there’s that sense of achievement.

“For the first hike we got six people and it’s been growing ever since.”

Colin Smith said the group’s monthly hikes appealed to his sense of adventure.

“You’re going to places where you’ve probably said, ‘I wouldn’t mind going there or doing that,’ but you’ve never got around to doing it,” he said.

“With the group, it’s organised, and you just go and enjoy it.

“I love it - the bigger the challenge, the more I like it.”

Tammy said the Hiking Club members were developing a strong sense of camaraderie while being active and soaking up new surroundings.

“It’s open to any fitness level and we just take our time,” she said.

“We’re looking at nature, chatting, and getting to know each other in a different environment.

“They really get to know each other up there and share their experiences while making these new memories.

“I’m also getting a lot of feedback that it’s so much easier to get out of bed and to put shoes on, and it’s those little things that count.”

Homeowner Joyce Cramp said Halcyon Glades’ regular gym circuit classes and the monthly hike had improved her health to the extent that she has recovered from osteoporosis.
“It definitely gets you using different muscles,” she said.

“I’m not tall, so when I’m climbing up rocks, I’ve got to push myself up with my legs and that’s good.

“It’s a lot of fun and I do feel better for it.”

To date, the Hiking Club has climbed Mt Elimbah, Mt Ngungun, Mt Beerburrum and Wildhorse Mountain, all on the nearby Sunshine Coast.

Tammy said she had deliberately chosen local peaks for their convenience and accessibility for homeowners.

“The mountains are there to enjoy whenever they want to; so, if they’ve got the grandkids during school holidays, they can take them up the mountain for a hike,” she said.

“They can do it again because they have that belief in their ability and the confidence that they’ve already done it.”

The Halcyon Glades Hiking Club takes a hike on the third Thursday of each month.