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Customised | Halcyon
Halcyon Jardin

Site 36 | Agatha

215S St Germain Blvd, Victoria 3978

Step into the captivating embrace of The Agatha, a haven tailored to delight hosts and hostesses alike. Boasting a masterfully curated 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom layout, along with a versatile multipurpose room, you can rest assured knowing that you have everything you need to enjoy your best lifestyle.

Wander through the green gardens and inviting front patio as the light filled corridor unfolds before you, leading to the impeccably designed living spaces. Complete with a double garage and an expansive backyard retreat, The Agatha is not just a dwelling, but a realm where thriving becomes second nature. So, come experience a life that is more than living – it's flourishing.

*Price correct as at 01/04/2024. Subject to change.
^Artist's impression. Subject to change.

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