Stockland is one of the largest diversified property groups in Australia with more than $16.6 billion of real estate assets. As Australia's largest community creator we own, manage and develop shopping centres, logistics centres and business parks, office assets, residential communities, and retirement living villages.

Founded in 1952, today Stockland leverages a diversified model to help create thriving communities with dynamic town centres where people live, shop and work. Our vision is to be a great Australian real estate company that makes a valuable contribution to our communities and our country.

We are well positioned with a diverse portfolio

Stockland asset portfolio as at 30 June 2017


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For more information see our Property Portfolio.

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Our Value Chain

For information on our value chain see the Our Business section of the Stockland Annual Review.


Stakeholder Engagement 

We have a commitment to developing and maintaining strong relationships with a broad range of stakeholders across our diverse business, and understanding and responding to their unique perceptions, needs and concerns. We practice open, honest, two-way communication and recognise the mutual benefits that result from genuine engagement for both our business and our stakeholders.

At Stockland, we recognise the importance of engaging regularly and directly with all our stakeholder groups so that we understand their expectations, issues and concerns.


We have 1,578 employees in Australia. 

Our annual Our Voice employee survey measures employee engagement across the organisation. Employees are also provided with opportunities to provide feedback on specific issues throughout the year. Our intranet, stockXchange, is a key source of business news, activities and policies, and is updated each business day.

Our annual interstate roadshows and bi-annual results Town Halls provide an opportunity for our Executive Committee to interact with employees in each capital city where we operate and provide an update on our strategy and performance. Employees are able to ask questions anonymously or directly to our Executive Committee as part of roadshow and throughout the year.

For more information on our engagement with employees see the Operational Excellence and Enrich our Value Chain sections of our Annual Review and our Employee Engagement and Development Deep Dive.

Government and regulators 

Federal, state and local governments set the regulatory environment in which we operate.

We engage regularly with all levels of government in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, both directly and through industry associations. We also engage with the Federal Government.

Our policy is to make no political donations to politicians or political parties at any level of government.

For more information on our engagement with government and regulators, see the Stakeholder Engagement Deep Dive.

Securityholders and the investment community 

We have over 51,000 securityholders in Australia and overseas.

We provide investor briefings on our strategy and financial results. At our Annual General Meeting (AGM), securityholders can engage with our Board of Directors and are updated on our strategy and performance. Our management also meets regularly with institutional investors.

For more information on our engagement with securityholders and investment, see the Stakeholder Engagement Deep Dive.


We have daily contact with a diverse range of customers, including commercial, retail and industrial tenants, shoppers in our retail centres, our residential community customers, and residents in our retirement villages.

We regularly seek feedback from customers through surveys and research, and we incorporate feedback into our product design and service offerings. Customer Relations Management Systems are in place across all of our businesses to support regular, effective and responsive engagement with our customers.

For more information on our engagement with our customers see the Grow Asset Returns and Our Customer Base and Shape Thriving Communities sections of our Annual Review, and the Customer Engagement and Experience Deep Dive.


We procure services and products from over 3,600 active suppliers, with the top 100 suppliers representing approximately 75 per cent of our spend.

Spend associated with the development of our assets accounts for approximately 80 per cent of our annual direct procurement spend, with operational and corporate procurement each representing approximately 10 per cent of annual procured spend.

We actively monitor and engage with our suppliers. Our strategic suppliers (predominantly involved in the development and construction of our assets) are pre-qualified to ensure they have the capability and proven ability to meet general and project-specific sustainability and quality requirements. This involves an assessment of the occupational health and safety systems, financial viability, environmental, social and sustainability capabilities of suppliers.

For more information on our engagement with suppliers see the Enrich our Value Chain section of our Annual Review and our Supply Chain Management Deep Dive.


The people that reside, work or engage in the areas where we operate.

Our engagement with communities includes community and consultation forums, one-on-one meetings with community groups and local leaders, as well as surveys and research.
For more information on our engagement with communities see the Shape Thriving Communities section of our Annual Review and our Community Deep Dive.


We interact with journalists across a wide spectrum of local, regional, metropolitan and national print and electronic media outlets.

We regularly engage with the media to provide information about our business that supports clearer and more accurate reporting. We aim to respond promptly to requests for information about our business activities.

For more information on our engagement with media see the Media Relations update in the Stakeholder Engagement Deep Dive.


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Case study: Aura Engagement Excellence program

Our Aura Engagement Excellence program began during the initial stages of the community and now includes more than 18 community stakeholder groups working with us to manage natural areas within the project.

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Read our Governance and Remuneration report in the Financial Report 2017.

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The community garden at Stockland's Bells Reach community on the Sunshine Coast (Qld)