Stockland Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy 

Our sustainability strategy integrates with our business strategy and priorities, providing a better way to deliver shared value for all stakeholders. We have three core sustainability priorities: Shape Thriving Communities, Optimise and Innovate, and Enrich Our Value Chain.

Each sustainability priority is pursued through action in several focus areas. We explore our sustainability priorities and focus areas throughout this review.

Performance and Progress

Stockland Wetherill Park retail town centre in Wetherill Park, western Sydney (NSW).

Optimise and innovate

We aim to provide business solutions that better serve our customers while reducing our impact on the environment.

On site during the construction of Stockland's vertical Newport Retirement Village in Newport, Qld.

Enrich our value chain

We know that when we successfully collaborate across our value chain, our outcomes are stronger and our relationships more prosperous.

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The Golden Sun Moth Park at Stockland's award-winning Highlands masterplanned community in Craigieburn, Vic.

Sustainability Reporting

The cover of the Stockland Annual Review 2018

Annual Review

The cover of the Stockland Annual Report 2018

Annual Report

The cover of the Stockland Property Portfolio as at 30Jun2018

Property Portfolio