The below questions and answers have been provided as general information only and should not be regarded as, and is not, investment advice. You should always seek independent advice tailored to your personal circumstances.

Distributions are paid quarterly. Distribution Statements are made available at or around the end of February, April, August and October.

SDRT1’s NTA is reported on a half-yearly basis, at or around the end of February and August.

Your Annual Tax Statements will be provided to you at or around the end of August.

In the event that you have not received or have misplaced your Annual Tax Statement, you can access it by contacting Computershare, SDRT1’s share registrar.

Phone: 1800 804 985 or (03) 9415 4000

Log into Computershare online

Email: Computershare

There is no formal secondary market or other redemption facility for the buying and selling of units. If you need to sell your investment, you may find your own buyer and negotiate a sale price for your units. 

In the event that you find a buyer for your units, units can be transferred by completing the transfer form and forwarding the completed form to Computershare.

DownloadContent BDownload SDRT1 transfer form

You can find historical information for each Stockland unlisted property fund located at:

Unlisted Property Funds

You can download the SDRT1 PDS from the SDRT1 page, or click on the link below.

DownloadContent B Download SDRT1 PDS 
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