15 October 2019   

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Hendra Industrial Estate is paving the way forward when it comes to leveraging commercial assets. Located within the highly desired location adjoining Brisbane’s TradeCoast Central, the recent refresh and refurbishment is attracting impressive interest from eager tenants.

The estate comprising of over 83,000sqm across multiple buildings has received progressive upgrades that have proved to be extremely well received by tenants. In fact, in this instance, upgrades outweighed the benefits of a completely new build.

Setting the scene for an innovative approach to industrial portfolio management, Hendra Industrial Estate is a fantastic example of how existing facilities can be reimagined to accommodate future tenant needs.

This rather new perspective that explores the alternative to developing new sites is an approach that opens up exciting possibilities for tenants to enjoy modern spaces that maximise the original architecture’s potential.

With multiple buildings comes multiple ways to enhance a property. So, let’s take a closer look at the genius behind the recent evolution of the multi-faceted Hendra Industrial Estate. The first point of call – skylights! Installing a cool 370 linear metres of stunning skylights to Building 33 increased energy efficiency by removing the reliance on artificial light. Thus, adding value to prospective tenants. This simple, yet cost-effective transformation, proved to be a winner for the occupier.

Next came the completion of the estate’s Stockland management office. With the project proving to be a huge success from an aesthetic and functional perspective, Building 19 was given the same treatment in light of attracting new tenants to the area.

The strategy behind this renovation is to appeal to those who may look to use Hendra as both an office and warehouse space in the future.

With such a value-added, tenant-first focus across the entire complex, it’s no surprise that new business seamlessly followed.

Ian Sutcliffe Stockland Property, Workplace and Logistics Manager shared:

 “I believe that there have been a few reasons that we have been able to attract new users such as CSR, Capital Transport and CV Services to Hendra Industrial Estate, which are varied for each of our customers that have recently moved in over the last few years.

I would suggest that a combination of well-located industrial space, on the fringe of both the Trade Coast and in close proximity to the city and major transport infrastructure has been a big reason. In addition, the older warehouse space, with a level of functional obsolescence as a modern warehouse due to the columns and clearance, has created the potential for innovative design.”

One of Hendra Estate’s happy new tenants, CV Services, already has a strong relationship with Stockland, installing the electrical infrastructure at Stockland Aura on the Sunshine Coast. This is a testament to Stockland’s ongoing focus, to partner with its tenants in a multitude of capacities.

With a desire to co-locate their office, warehouse and manufacturing facilities so their teams could be centralised, CV Services completed the initial fit out in March 2017, which provided the precedent for Capital Transport to follow.

Ian Norman – Commercial Director, CV Services Group shared:

 “The move to the Hendra site has been a great step forward for CV. The location works well for the business as it is close to the main arterial roads, access is great, and we are still close to the centre of Brisbane and our team. Plus, we can easily access a range of local shopping precincts.

 Having all of our team under one roof has made a huge difference in terms of better productivity, less travel time and much better communication. We have been amazed at the positive cultural impact that has been delivered simply by being together in one place, in a facility with good amenities for our team.”

 More recently, a $1.6 million upgrade was applied to Warehouses 20 and 21. This included the removal of asbestos walls, the instalment of a new roof, and the complete refurbishment of 5,500sqm of space.

 This recent warehouse refurbishment is a testament to the fact that not all logistics portfolio growth is achieved through the development of new facilities.

Ian Sutcliffe Stockland Property, Workplace and Logistics Manager shared:

 “Through these works, we have leased 50% of the space to one of our national clients, and are actively closing out the remaining space in record time.

 All of the tenants that have taken on these spaces have had a strong vision to make space work for their organisation and along with Stockland, have invested time and money to make these spaces attractive and functional for their staff and customers.

 Whether it was the combination of a few business units into a single area (CV Services), a change to a better-connected location (Capital Transport) or the ability to continue to work with a lessor that they have worked with in the past (CSR) we have been able to work with our tenants and their designers to deliver unique offerings in these spaces.”

The results speak for themselves, with the recent works on Hendra Industrial Estate proving there is unquestionably immense value in the repurposing of industrial properties.

 As premium industrial land becomes scarcer, this considered approach to asset management is an exciting prospect to meeting customers needs in the future. Learn more about Hendra Industrial Estate here.