26 May 2017   

5 min read
Stockland and our retailers are seeing the rewards since we switched on a new $2 million single rooftop solar system at Wetherill Park shopping centre in February that is providing clean, green renewable energy to the centre and its 210 retailers.

On average, the system will generate 3,620 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day – or enough to power 125 homes – which will provide 23 per cent of the centre’s annual base building power requirements, genuine energy savings that will be passed on to retailers. The target is to generate 1,343,178 kWh per year. 

International research has shown that shopping centres that integrate sustainability principles not only reduce their carbon footprint, but can also generate higher sales, which makes a compelling business case for turning green. 

The 925 kW solar photo-voltaic (PV) system installed by Autonomous Energy has more than 2,900 solar PV panels across a total roof surface area of 5,695 square metres – equivalent to around 13 average sized home lots. 

Stockland is planning more solar power generation installations across its portfolio to increase its use of renewable energy and bring down costs for our retailers.