28 February 2018   

5 min read
Stockland is growing its digital presence to better connect with retailers and customers to create better retail experiences. Last year our digital and social media platforms helped us to communicate with our customers and our retailers to influence the shopping journey and drive retail sales.

2017 was another headline making year for retail and Stockland used its digital channels to provide retailers with valuable and informative content that included industry news stories, analysis of retail trends, and insights into the future of retail.

From development updates to retail success stories, some of the most read stories of 2017 included Up close and personal with a tyrannosaurus rex, Stockland developments designed for you, and Get ready for retail 2018.

In-depth stories about the future of retail and changing customer behaviours generated a lot of interest and articles on the changing digital landscape, technology, new apps, and Amazon were also well read.

In 2017 we talked about the changing face of retail and our conversation with Anthony Wilson, owner of the very successful Saltwater Wine and Stormrider surf/skate store, is an example of how we share industry insights to drive customer engagement and innovation.

The Stockland website combines curated content with helpful information to keep customers informed and to preview the in-store shopping experience. Last year the website had over 6 million views including 132,796 visits to the sales and offers page and 335,101 views of the store directory page.

Stockland’s social media channels also achieved excellent engagement with customers. Stockland’s Facebook page had over 39 million impressions, a reach of over 24 million, and 271,242 page likes.

In 2018, we’ll continue to bring you consistent and engaging digital content to help build the Stockland brand, increase foot traffic, and build customer engagement.