22 November 2018   

5 min read
Families are Stockland’s most valuable customer segment and this year’s cross-channel and content-led Father’s Day campaign – Dad. A little word for a big job – achieved excellent buy in with customers who were inspired by the heart-warming message to open their wallets.

The three-tier integrated campaign included engrossing video content, an editorial and portrait series (The Dad Files) and in-centre activations, which put the spotlight on retailers, helped to drive sales and influenced brand sentiment and brand value. 



The emotive video celebrating modern fatherhood was viewed 1.53 million times, 7.7% above objectives, which exceeded customer engagement with the Mother’s Day campaign. The video was also watched for longer than the Mother’s Day content, which helped to drive shareability of the video.

The Dad Files, which captured the faces and stories of 35 local Dads across Australia, was viewed 8,952 times, more than 16% above objectives and also exceeding interaction with the Mother’ Day hub, helping to drive awareness of the campaign.

The 37 bespoke gift guides were viewed 2,675 times, an incredible 73.39% above target, which helped to inspire local gift purchases in our centres.

More than 114,400 bespoke emails were sent to customers, compared with 42,406 emails last year, a 169.8% increase year on year.

Social media engagement and organic sharing across Instagram and Facebook was high, which confirms that Stockland’s brand gets noticed in our customers’ feeds.

The campaign was widely reported in industry and trade publications including SCN, Campaign Brief, B&T and Mumbrella, which reflects the integrity and creativity of the campaign. Seven of Stockland’s residential communities shared the Father’s Day campaign with their subscribers, demonstrating that cross-business collaboration gets results.

Local dad news articles were posted to social media and were viewed 9,705 times, which was 37.45% above target. The stories about local dads in Nowra, Traralgon, Bathurst and Bundaberg were particularly well received.

With over 412,000 customer visits to Stockland shopping centres every day, the Father’s Day campaign was an opportunity to drive sales in August and September, traditionally flatter sales periods, support a diverse product mix across our retail centres and differentiate Stockland from its competitors.

With Google Trends data indicating that search volume for Father’s Day is one third of that of Mother’s Day, Stockland’s campaign successfully showcased and celebrated the significant roles dads play in our lives and inspired customers to say thanks.