24 August 2017   

5 min read
Responding to the rise of electric vehicle usage among Stockland customers, over the next 12 months Stockland will roll out Tesla Destination Chargers in 31 shopping centres across Australia. The charging stations will allow Tesla owners to plug in for free and charge their vehicles while they shop.

The $200,000 rollout is an example of how Stockland leads the sector in sustainability and investment in this type of infrastructure and renewable energy, which is important for the future of shopping centres and our cities.

It reflects the ongoing innovations being offered by Stockland to increase the dwell time at its shopping centres, which are increasingly the town centres for a local community. The move also responds to a growing demand from consumers for green initiatives and their desire to shop at ‘green’ shopping centres.

The Tesla Destination Charger rollout complements Stockland’s 17 free Charge Point facilities in 10 locations throughout Australia, which have been used more than 2,000 times by customers since 2015, with the most popular station at Stockland Balgowlah.

John Schroder, Stockland Group Executive and CEO of Commercial Property, said: “In the ever changing retail landscape, technology is increasingly critical to drive innovation, efficiency and engagement with our customers.

“Just one hour connected to a Tesla Destination Charger provides up to 81 kilometres of range. We are excited to roll out these convenient facilities across our retail portfolio, allowing shoppers to plug in for free.

“We know EV vehicles are part of the future and we look forward to offering more features like this to meet continuing Australian demand.”

National Sustainability Manager Greg Johnson said “We have had really good feedback from our customers who use our EV charge points. People like the convenience of parking and charging for free… people have told us they come to our centre to shop or dine at our restaurants instead of their usual shopping centre because we offer EV charging.’’

The initiative is part of Stockland’s broader focus on innovation, which includes the pioneering use of social robotics in retail environments.

“Our customers continue to demonstrate their desire for more innovative in-centre features, tech-integrated amenity and sustainability led initiatives to enhance their everyday shopping experience. It is integral that Australian shopping centres continue to evolve and adapt to retailer, customer and global demands, “ said Mr Schroder.