24 August 2017   

5 min read
Stockland Merrylands customers will trial Geni, an exciting new smart phone shopping app, over the coming weeks. Geni is designed to enrich the shopping experience, increase customer engagement, and drive additional spend by connecting customers with real-time offers on their favourite products in the shopping centre.

It’s very simple to use. Customers create personalised shopping lists and Geni matches items on their list to the best deals and special offers from retailers.

National Digital Innovation Manager Shannon Alba said the app is another step towards better connecting shoppers with our retailers.

“We’re always looking for new ways to support our retailers and excite our shoppers with an improved shopping experience. The app allows us to build a direct relationship with our shoppers, facilitate cross shop opportunities, and give more value to our shoppers,” said Shannon.

“As we trial the app we will be able to use the data insights on shopping habits to suggest relevant cross shop opportunities based on list items. It could also be the gateway to other value add services.”

"This is a great example of creating unique and personal experiences for our customers. We're working hard on both the physical and digital fronts to make our retail more relevant, convenient and accessible than ever before,” said John Schroder, Group Executive and CEO Commercial Property.