16 August 2021   

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Making a positive impact on our community is at the heart of Stockland’s culture. We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to building more connected, stronger and resilient communities. We proudly support many community and charity partners across Australia through financial contributions, grants and workplace giving programs. We can achieve so much when we work together.

The Stockland CARE Foundation is focused on improving the health and wellbeing of communities across Australia. We’re working together with our three national charity partners – Redkite, Reach Out and R U OK? – to make a greater impact in our communities.

Our six-year partnership with Redkite is making a big difference to the lives of families living with their child’s cancer.

Redkite provides practical, financial, emotional and mental health support to children with cancer and their families. That could be someone to talk to. Help with bills, fuel and food. A free book club. Music therapy. Or a Redkite Red Bag packed with things that make a trip to hospital easier. Redkite is there through the cancer journey, from the moment of diagnosis until after treatment ends.

Since 2015, we’ve donated more than $1 million to Redkite programs that support families and their children facing cancer. That $1 million translates to more than 5,000 hours of counselling provided to families to ensure emotional wellbeing and more than 3,000 essential bills paid to help families keep food on the table.

Our $180,000 donation in 2020 provided practical and mental health support services to 73 families at different stages of their child's cancer journey.

And when COVID-19 put the country into lockdown, we donated 21 laptops to Redkite to keep their community-based support lines open. For Jo Smith, a Redkite social worker, the laptop allowed her to continue to provide support to families facing cancer, where and when they need it the most.

“Coronavirus presented an even greater risk to children facing cancer who have a compromised immunity, and their families faced enormous additional pressures during what was already the toughest time imaginable.

Thanks to Stockland’s generous support, the counselling sessions I would have had with families face-to-face, were held in the safety of our respective homes over a secure video link.”

Redkite’s CEO, Ms Monique Keighery, said she was extremely grateful for Stockland’s support during the pandemic.

“For our kids, kids with cancer, COVID-19 presented a very real and a potentially deadly risk to children with cancer,” Ms Keighery said.

Ms Keighery said parents were overwhelmed by concern for the health of their vulnerable and immunocompromised child, hit with job losses and business closures and stressed by being separated from their support networks like grandparents and friends during the lockdown.

“Thanks to Stockland’s support, we were able to continue to provide a lifeline for those families when other face-to-face support services couldn’t be delivered.”

Amy Hogan, Stockland Head of Sustainability, said Stockland is incredibly proud to be able to support a charity that supports families facing cancer.

“At Stockland, we build communities, and we embrace projects and organisations that improve the health, wellbeing and education of communities. We have great admiration for the fantastic work that the team at Redkite do every day to help children and their families.”

By building a long-term relationship with Redkite, we’re creating long lasting impact.

How can you help?

There are lots of ways you can help Redkite to continue its valuable work. Like fundraising at work. Becoming a monthly donor. Expressing your interest in a volunteer role. Or taking part in an event. 

Find out more about the great work of Redkite at www.redkite.org.au or get in touch with the team at corporate@redkite.org.au or on 02 9219 4000