22 November 2018   

5 min read
Business challenge

The auto retailing landscape is highly competitive with more than 80 brands in the Australian market, so when Mona Vale based dealer G Brothers Mercedes-Benz wanted to generate increased customer engagement, they invested in a brand activation campaign at Stockland Balgowlah.




By harnessing the power of the retail environment, the campaign placed G Brothers in front of the consumer earlier in the path to purchase, helped to reinforce the value G Brothers brings to customers in their purchasing decision, and enriched the customer experience to build and maintain customer loyalty.

The campaign included an internal and external car display, two digital screen creatives, an atrium banner, a large floor decal and an integrated social media campaign with Instagram stories, Facebook posts and content on Stockland’s website. The internal display site replicated a mini-dealership, which was manned during high traffic periods in the centre.

Working with G Brothers, Stockland built a creative campaign with specific G Brothers messaging that also leveraged the Mercedes Benz A-Class national and global advertising campaign.



On the first day of the campaign, eight leads were generated leading to two test drives of the new A-Class. To date, one A-Class has been sold. Feedback from G Brothers suggests that the reach and quality of messaging was excellent and customer engagement with the campaign was very positive.



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