31 May 2018   

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Following the very successful tour of a life-sized dinosaur in Stockland shopping centres last year when more than 120,000 Stockland shoppers visited the travelling T.rex, Stockland and the Australian Museum have again teamed up, this time introducing shoppers to SuperCroc, a life-sized model of the impressive prehistoric Sarcosuchus Imperator.

 Photos from Stockland Merryland's SuperCroc opening

The SuperCroc on Tour exhibition opened at Stockland Merrylands in early May and will continue its tour to Stockland shopping centres at Shellharbour, Wetherill Park and Green Hills in the coming months. SuperCroc on Tour is a fantastic example of Stockland’s commitment to staging draw-card and educational events that drive visitation to centres.

It’s expected that the touring SuperCroc will attract customers in similar numbers to the excited crowds that visited the T.rex.

During its five-month tour last year the T.rex generated over $250,000 in publicity and increased social media reach and engagement, with a reach of 323,338, over 5,000 social interactions and over 10,000 views of a bespoke SnapChat geofilter. During the campaign, 11 eDMS were sent to over 21,810 customers with an open rate of 23.7% and a 2.2% click through rate and 664 new subscribers. Stockland is confident SuperCroc will generate the same level of excitement and media interest.



Video from Stockland Merryland's SuperCroc opening

SuperCroc, an ultra-realistic model of a Sarcosuchus Imperator, was built in collaboration with a team of palaeontologists and scientists for the National Geographic documentary, SuperCroc, and gifted to the Australian Museum, where it has been exhibited alongside the museum’s impressive ancient fossil collection.

The Sarcosuchus Imperator was one of the largest crocodilians to have roamed the earth, ranging between 11-12 metres in length and weighing approximately 8 tonnes – about as heavy as a fully grown male elephant.

Alive during the early to late Cretaceous period, this fascinating predator ruled over fresh water environments approximately 65.5 million years ago and is a distant ancestor of today’s modern crocodiles, alligators, gharials and caimans.

Brooke Lee, National Retail and Trade Marketing Manager at Stockland, said: “We’re thrilled to work with the Australian Museum to bring such a fantastic educational entertainment offering to our shopping centre customers.

“With his fascinating history and impressive size we know SuperCroc will be a favourite for young and old alike and we are excited to give shoppers a chance to get up close and personal with this gigantic prehistoric predator.”

Kim McKay AO, Director and CEO, Australian Museum, said: “Visitors to Stockland shopping centres are certainly in for a treat when they encounter SuperCroc, the 11m long ancient African monster, which is still clearly bigger than any croc known to have snapped its jaws in Australia.

“It is great to be working with Stockland giving communities outside of central Sydney the opportunity to see this prehistoric beast and learn about its habitat and life dating from 110 million years ago.”

Participating centres will also run a series of fun and educational activities for children to coincide with the tour and visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to win a family trip for four to the Northern Territory for a real life crocodile experience.