27 February 2017 5 min read

Alice Longhurst of Western Sydney Food Blog gives us a customer perspective on the upcoming food trends in 2017.

When it comes to ordering food, thanks to the ongoing popularity of Instagram and Snapchat, it’s the visual appeal that really excites customers. As proven by the towering burgers and milkshake monoliths that have dominated food blogs for the past couple of years, the more extravagant, the better. 

But as impressive as these extraordinary edible masterpieces have been, customers have also become more health conscious. It’s not just a sweet tooth sensation you experience when you have that nutella donut topped salted-caramel thickshake, it’s a sugar hangover too. 

While superfoods have also received their fair share of the limelight, there’s only so many smoothie bowls and kale salads that we can take. That’s why, this year, customers will be on the lookout for healthy takes on the calorie-laden online sensations.

Customers will be on the lookout for healthy takes on the calorie-laden online sensations. - Alice Longhurst, Western Sydney Food Blog

Instead of ordering three greasy pieces of fried chicken dripping with cheese on a brioche bun, we’ll take the quinoa-crusted baked chicken with creamy yogurt coleslaw on wholemeal. Or, rather than a stack of thick hotcakes drowning in chocolate sauce and ice cream, we’ll order the protein pancakes topped with bananas, berries, ricotta and a light drizzle of honey. 

The allure of the over-the-top, gloriously presented brunches and lunches will not stop. We will still be squirming in our chairs with delight when our plate arrives, before taking a quick photo to share online for our friends to see. But the excessive kilojoule intake will be on the decline. 

This year, we don’t only want to have our cake, but we want to eat it too…guilt free.