27 February 2017 5 min read

Thousands of Stockland shoppers will have the opportunity to see a life-size model of a Tyrannosaurus rex as it visits five Stockland shopping centres over the coming months.

Stockland has partnered with the Australian Museum to tour the world’s first anatomically precise T. rex across Sydney, Newcastle, south coast and the mid-north coast, an example of Stockland’s commitment to deliver engaging and educational events that drive visitation to our centres. 

And it’s no small undertaking. Originally built for the National Geographic documentary T-rex Autopsy, the T. rex – actually a she-rex – stands 11 metre long and 3 metre high and features removable organs including a heart as powerful as a small car, eyes the size of grapefruits and teeth more than 30 centimetres in length. The model’s dimensions are based on bone scans of Sue, the largest and most complete T. rex fossil found to date.

Stockland Group Executive and CEO of Commercial Property, John Schroder, says that dinosaurs have an enduring appeal for people of all ages: “We’re pleased to work with the Australian Museum to explore the public’s fascination with dinosaurs by touring this extraordinary T. rex across NSW. The excitement its arrival will generate will be great for our centres and for our retailers,” he said.

Australian Museum Director and CEO Kim McKay AO said the partnership with Stockland was an opportunity to “give people outside Sydney the chance to see this prehistoric beast dating from 85 to 65 million years ago, as never before.” 

First stop for the T. rex will be Stockland Wetherill Park before it makes its way to Stockland centres including Shellharbour, Foster and Glendale. Accompanying the model will be footage from the National Geographic documentary T-rex Autopsy. 

Following the tour, the T. rex will find a permanent home in the Dinosaur gallery at the Australian Museum.