08 July 2020   

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We recognise this has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone in the community. We have been working hard to support our retailers and our customers with a number of proactive measures that will continue to evolve in response to the changing situation.
During the COVID-19 crisis, it was important for our local communities to keep our doors open and ensure access to essential items such as food, services and household goods, as well as a range of specialty retailers. We did that by prioritising the safety and wellbeing of our retailers, customers, contractors, and our engaged and committed team with best practice safety management and hygiene standards across the business.

We made many changes across our centres including the introduction of social distancing protocols and deep cleaning of our retail town centres. To help cover COVID-19 specific costs such as additional hygiene measures, we have reduced or deferred expenses where possible.

Right now we are working through the implications of the Roadmap to a COVIDSafe Australia in the coming weeks. Here are some of the things we have been doing to help support our customers, our retailers and the communities we operate in.

A safe place to shop and work

At Stockland, we’ve always been committed to creating a safe shopping environment for everyone. We want our customers and our retailers to feel comfortable in our centres so we’re working hard to ensure they are clean, safe and compliant with government regulations.

A clear process

Our crisis management team has a systematic process in place to deal with any confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Space for testing

We have provided free space for temporary and drive-through COVID-19 testing centres in several of our centres.

Social distancing

We rolled out a comprehensive package of social distancing measures including in-centre floor decals, a video series with Miguel Maestre, digital media screens and PA announcements around key messages.

New signage

We created new social distancing and wayfinding signage and customer awareness notices to inform customers of changes to centre navigation and operations. We also displayed government awareness posters on how to wash hands, keeping that cough under cover and simple steps to stop the spread.

Contactless shopping

At a select number of Stockland centres we piloted contactless shopping via a third party platform with a delivery service. Customers were offered aggregated “click and collect” shopping.

Online inspiration

Being proactive in our communication has helped retailers to pivot and adapt to the new situation and navigate changes in customer behaviour as well as reassuring our customers how they can continue to shop in our centres.

We have increased communication with our customers and our retailers to work together to successfully navigate this crisis.

COVID-19 facts

Our dedicated webpage on COVID-19 is regularly updated with details and FAQs in line with the latest announcements from the authorities.

Open for business

Our dedicated webpage on COVID-19 is regularly updated with details and FAQs in line with the latest announcements from the authorities.

Our website defines which retailers are open for trade, offering takeaway only or temporarily closed, making it easier to be there for our customers.  Links to online stores are included to help customers continue to shop from stores that are temporarily closed.

Belong Hub

As Australia makes positive steps forward and restrictions begin to ease, we're excited to get back to normal life wherever possible. In celebration of that, we launched the Belong Hub on 22 May, an online community meeting place to help bring people together.

Our online community hub includes live meetups, DIY, recipes, physical and mental wellbeing content and much more to celebrate belonging, connection and community. Importantly, we’re supporting our retailers with profiles and content to introduce our customers to the passionate and hardworking people who welcome them into the store. Jules Sebastian hosted a four-part fashion series with curated fashion picks from Stockland retailers. Celebrity chef and ambassador Miguel Maestre will host a live cooking demonstration on 18 June.


Encouraging shoppers to buy

Promoting takeaway options

Each centre has a centralised page promoting food retailer takeaway menus and delivery options  which is updated as retailers sign up to third-party delivery services. We also provided ‘Best parking for Food Pick Up’ signage. Using digital media screens and Instagram stories, we continue to inspire customers to make takeaway food purchases where in-store dining is prohibited.

The insider’s guide

We created the insider’s guide to spending more time at home with activities and recipes to encourage customers to find what they need at a Stockland centre. It’s a centralised way for customers to support businesses.

At home Easter content

To facilitate Easter sales, we created a dedicated hub featuring food and lifestyle inspiration for the perfect family Easter celebration – at home.

Mother’s Day campaign

Our national Mother’s Day campaign, ‘Let Us Be There For You’, inspired Australians to get creative in how they celebrated their mums this year. Our website had ideas for celebrating mum in person or while social distancing.  Our tailored online gift guides showcased products in each centre.

We know there is still a lot to be done to support retailers through the next phase as more retailers start to re-open and social distancing regulations are relaxed. We are working on ways to ensure the transition back to ‘open doors’ will be smooth, while ensuring customers and retailers are safe and that we abide by the changing government guidelines around social distancing in the coming months.

We remain focused on creating Australia’s most liveable and sustainable communities and we are proactively ensuring that Stockland can restore its retail activities safely and efficiently as restrictions are eased.

We will continue to work with retailers every day to help manage changing priorities and uncertainty so together we can recover and thrive.

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