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A pop-up or activation at a Stockland retail town centre can generate product sales and new customer acquisition. Our casual leasing sites are in high traffic malls, outside key major retailers and at prime entry points to ensure maximum exposure for your brand. It forms part of the broader S Connect suite of products, which incorporates the Campaign & Partnerships offering for brands seeking media solutions.


"We love to partner with Stockland because the leasing executives treat you with respect. I feel they allow you to be honest with them and will be honest with you back" - Eddy Bosnar, Baked and Co

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A range of sites, spaces and platforms are available across Stockland's retail portfolio to connect brands with Stockland retail customers.

Casual Leasing

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With centres right around Australia, as well as the expertise that come with being one of the largest retail property owners, developers and managers in Australia, Stockland’s pop-up opportunities can connect brands with a diverse and engaged retail customer base.

Case Study: Cake Creations by Kate

Katelyn Matheson used a pop-up space at Stockland Point Cook to showcase her homemade cupcake offering. Demand grew rapidly and so did the need to expand. The pop-up store was the crucial gateway to a flagship store, with Katelyn soon moving from a pop-up to a permanent store in the centre. Today, Katelyn is the creative director and owner of Cake Creations by Kate, a thriving $1.6 million cupcake empire.

Campaign & Partnerships

Rounding out the S Connect offering is Stockland's Campaign & Partnerships suite of products. Boost your media campaign with digital or static solutions, sponsorships, partnerships, brand roaming, online and social.

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