80% Belonging

Belonging plays an important role in ensuring your community truly feels like home.


Why do we measure Belonging?

What it means for me.

Belonging is that special connection you feel when you’ve found your true place in the world. It’s knowing your neighbours by name, making new friendships at your local park, the happy greetings when you arrive at your weekly fitness session, and coming home to a place that feels just right for you. It’s all that, and much more. The annual Stockland Liveability Index measures how residents feel about their community and their place in it.

Our communities are designed to bring people of all ages together, because we know how important a sense of belonging is to our residents. Parks and playgrounds are within walking distance of every home, an extensive network of pathways and bikeways run right past your letterbox, and regular events and activities help you and your family get to know the people in your neighbourhood.

Aura | A Case study

Creating a new community is not just about building homes, roads and paths – it’s about fostering a strong community spirit to help residents feel like they belong. Aura on the Sunshine Coast will one day be Australia’s largest and most sustainable masterplanned community. Already the blossoming neighbourhoods are bustling with activity as a range of activities and initiatives see new friendships formed and new residents welcomed with open arms into a place where they belong. Read more here.

Aura | A Case Study

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Our drive and passion comes out of our ability to create thriving communities for Australians.
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