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Why do we measure Community Connection?



What it means for me.

Let’s face it, life is busy. Juggling work, shopping, cooking, exercise, family commitments and a social life - and still having some precious ‘me-time’ - is a true skill. But things are so much easier when everything you need is close at hand. Convenient connections to all the essentials in life, from local shops and transport to schools and parkland, mean saving time. Time that you can use to do the things you really love. The Stockland Liveability Index measures how close our residents are to the everyday essentials – and a better life.

We’re a little obsessed about distances, with good reason. Easy community connections count when it comes to deciding on a place to live. Homes within our communities are all close to local shops for those early morning milk dashes, education hubs are nearby for quick school runs, and public transport and main road links are easy to get to. Outdoor spaces and social activities are also within minutes of your doorstep for fitness and fun.

Highlands | A Case Study 

With its handy connections to schools, parks, transport and health hubs, our award-winning Highlands community in Melbourne’s north offers convenient living against a backdrop of abundant open, green spaces. Major supermarkets, world-class sports facilities and stunning parkland almost everywhere you look - Highlands has this and more. A highly connected community, residents count their distance from everything in the minor minutes, rating very highly in our annual liveability scores. Read more here.

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