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Enjoy high-quality parks, playgrounds and streetscapes in your new community.


Why do we measure Quality of Environment?

What does it mean for me? 

Everyone wants to live in a place they feel proud to call home. This extends beyond the home you live in to your street, your neighbourhood, your community. The environment you live in can have a big impact on your lifestyle – the higher the overall standard, the more you’re likely to get out and enjoy it. The Liveability Index Survey takes a close look at how our residents feel about the quality of their home and community.

Stockland’s design guidelines ensure homes in our communities are built to the highest standards. But it doesn’t end there. From beautifully landscaped streets to innovative playgrounds, expansive parkland, bush or beach backdrops and grand entry statements, everything is meticulously planned to ensure that this is a place you want to call home. We also care about our natural environment and are proud of the work we do to enhance, protect and conserve the world we live in.

Calleya | A Case Study

The sense of connection with the environment at our 6 Star Green Star community at Calleya is what gives it a charm all of its own. This beautiful neighbourhood a vibrant place to live, buzzing with things to do. Residents rate their proximity to parks and open spaces very highly at Calleya, which goes even further by offering state-of-the-art playgrounds that have become a destination for families throughout the region. Find out more here.

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