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A guide to what happens after you’ve purchased a house and land package

Congratulations! You're on your way to moving into your new home. Depending on weather you've chosen to build new or buy established (or any number of options in between), there are a few things you'll need to start doing now.


Getting an idea of when you’ll move in
Choosing a house and land package over an established home is a great choice for so many reasons, from low energy bills and maintenance to being able to personalise to your heart’s content, but it does mean you need to be patient about moving in. If you buy at the early stage of development, you may have to wait anything from a couple of months up to a year for the land to register. However, you’ll be told this at the time of purchase, and your developer will keep you up to speed throughout. It’s amazing being able to watch your house and street coming to life.

“At all Stockland communities we have a master plan right from the beginning so people can see the dream we’re creating,” says Stockland’s customer relations team leader Susan Walsh. “As the journey continues we then piece it together and sell different sections in stages.”

“While construction on the land is progressing, our customer and the builder will spend time looking at the chosen design so they can finalise the building contract and have the paperwork signed up, ready to begin construction once settlement occurs,” explains Walsh. “Build time averages between four to six months depending on the complexity of the design.”


Signing on the dotted line
One of the first things to do after buying a house is sign a contract. In a house and land package there are two separate contracts, one with the developer, such as Stockland, for the land, and then one with your chosen builder.

“As with any contract, there’s a lot to sign,” says Walsh. “We give our buyers time to talk to their legal representative about what they’re signing and fully understand it.” At Stockland, sales representatives will take you through it on the sales floor, and then they’ll generally make an appointment for the actual signing. “We can talk through any questions they have then and there to set their mind at ease,” says Walsh.

You need to decide whether to use a conveyancer or solicitor to help you through this part of the building a house process. And an expert will also help guide you through the financial side. “Our first-home buyers may also use this time to apply for their first home owner grant. Customers using a financier or a broker will find they are very helpful with this process as they understand the paperwork and are familiar with the requirements of the revenue office in their state.”

We give our buyers time to talk to their legal representative about what they’re signing and fully understand it.

Pre-settlement inspection
Once the exciting work of building your house is underway, there are a number of steps taken to ensure everything is going as planned. “An important part of the process is the review,” says Walsh. “Building certifiers inspect and approve building work. There are mandatory stages for this to occur, such as prior to the footings being poured right through to final approval before occupation.”

You will then be able to look through your home at the pre-settlement inspection, when the move-in date is fast approaching. “It’s a pretty exciting touch point,” says Walsh. ”You’re walking through, checking that things are working, but at the same time you’re actually seeing it in an almost-complete state,” she says.

The keys to your very own front door
You’re almost at the most exciting bit. Shortly after the inspection there’ll be the handover of keys. This usually happens while you’ve doing a walk-through of your new house and being shown how everything works. And that’s it. You’re home dry.

“Building new can come with challenges,” Walsh says, “but it’s exciting to walk in at the end and go, ‘Wow, this is a place I can call my own and I’ve put my own stamp on it.’ That’s a pretty cool feeling.”

A pretty cool feeling indeed. Congratulations.

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