Making your house your home

You're well on your way to purchasing your dream home. There are some key things you'll need to consider and understand in order to make your first home just right for you now and in the future, particularly if you've decided to build new.

Style inspiration and expert advice for planning your new home

Dreamcatcher | Create your dream home Styleboard

Browse hundreds of images, discover your style DNA and create your own Styleboard to bring your dream home to life.

The basics of interior design

Turn your eye to interior design.

Making sense of house plans

Insights and expert advice to help you read house plans with confidence. 

The basics of garden design and landscaping

Plan your perfect backyard.

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Emma’s design journey

Follow Stockland resident Emma as she designs her new home inside and out.

The Stockland First Home Buyer’s Guide

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Getting started on your first home buyer journey
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Finding the right home for you
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Getting your finances in order
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Planning and designing your dream home
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Taking the final steps