14 May 2021   

When it comes to protecting the environment and creating sustainable habits, small actions can make a big difference. In an effort to combat food waste and climate change, we recently partnered with grassroot sustainability program, Compost Revolution.

Stockland is currently rolling out the Compost Revolution program within its Altrove and is offering 50 households the opportunity to start composting at home with up to $100 worth of composting gear.

The program makes it easy for residents to access composting equipment, allowing them to turn their food scraps into rich soil and fertiliser at home, reducing landfill and greenhouse gas emissions in the process. 

Viraj Wijesooriya, an Altrove resident, is one of the passionate community members who has registered in the Compost Revolution and has now been regularly composting for over 3 months. 

“I’ve always wanted to start a composting project but I didn’t know how to start or what equipment would best suit my living situation. Stockland’s voucher for the Compost Revolution not only allowed me to financially access the best equipment and system for my townhouse but also provided online resources which were a huge help in educating me on how to manage my compost and the benefits it could afford myself and the environment.”

Viraj has always been environmentally conscious and is a regular recycler, so naturally was curious about composting. He was able to finally begin his composting journey thanks to the voucher provided by Stockland, in which he purchased a large composting bin to go in his back garden. 


Viraj highlighted that the process of purchasing and setting up the equipment was easy and hassle free. So straightforward was the process that he has now started to enjoy learning how to create a balanced compost system.


“Purchasing the equipment online was very easy, and once it arrived it only took 10 minutes to set up. The bin itself is also made from recycled plastic which is a huge plus for me. When you start, you do need to learn what waste can and can’t be composted but after that it becomes a natural habit.”


After three months, VIraj’s composting is going well. Inspired by the initiative, he is leading from the front and actively encouraging his neighbours and work colleagues to get involved. Just like Stockland, Viraj is committed to building a sustainable community.


“Composting is a small habit that can make a huge difference. It is empowering to know you are doing something good for our community and future generations. Thanks to Stockland, it’s never been easier to start, so I would highly recommend other residents come and join the Compost Revolution!”


Reflecting on this community initiative, Viraj says “It’s so great to know Stockland has a real interest in sustainability and this program shows Stockland’s genuine care for the future of our community. I look forward to continuing to be involved in the Compost Revolution and connect with other like-minded residents who are also doing their bit to protect the environment.”