22 September 2021   

Parts of Hilltop Park will be temporarily closed from Friday 24th September 2021.

Hilltop Park will be temporarily closed from Friday 24th September 2021, so that comprehensive works can be carried out to improve the quality of play equipment, seating and fitness equipment that will be complementary to the existing space.
We plan to commence works in stages, so the playground can remain open during school holidays with minimal impact on the overall use of Hilltop Park for our residents.

Please see the scheduled programme of works below:

Stage 1 - September/October works

  • Strip existing surfaces - Friday 24/09/2021 to Monday 27/09/21
  • Remove and reinstall swing - Tuesday 28/09/21 to Tuesday 28/09/21
  • Fitness equipment - Monday 27/09/21 to Thursday 30/09/21
  • Seats and furniture - Monday 25/10/21 to Wednesday 27/10/21
  • New planting - Wednesday 13/10/2021 to Wednesday 13/10/21

Stage 2 - November/December works

  • Climbing rope - Monday 29/11/21 to Wednesday 1/12/21
  • See saw - Thursday 2/12/21 to Friday 3/12/21

 Stage 3 - January- April works

  • Trampoline - Monday 17/01/22 to Tuesday 18/01/22
  • See saw and trampoline area - Monday 24/01/22 to Thursday 31/03/2
  • Softfall rubber installation 04/04/2022
  • Backfill softfall mulch 05/04/2022
  • Tree installation 08/04/2022

Time frame:

The works are scheduled to commence Friday 24th September 2021 with some site establishment works occurring early this week. We anticipate works will take approximately 4 months to complete, over 3 stages, to allow parts of the park to continue to be used. However, should there be a weather delay, it may take longer.

General upcoming works:
In addition, we're excited to announce that we will be commencing works to update the street trees in our community. We have received a number of requests to upgrade the street trees in the last few months, so the time has come to commence this process. We will be in touch with next steps and timings.