20 May 2019   

2 mins read
If your friends love coming over, why not invite them to stay? Refer a friend you would love to live closer to and if they decide to purchase land at Stockland Elara, you may each receive up to $5,000* Visa Gift Card.

Refer a friend to Stockland

How can you participate?
• Collect a Refer A Friend referral form from Stockland Elara Sales and Information Centre or download it here.
• Use the referral form to fill in your details.
• Pass the referral form onto your referred friend.
• Your referred friend must fill in their details and sign the referral form.
Your friend can then take the completed referral form into our Sales and Information Centre.


*Once your friend settles their purchase of land within Stockland, we will issue each of you with up to a $5000 Visa Gift Card on registered land and $1000 Visa Gift Card on unregistered land.