13 April 2021   

Drawn to Stockland’s respected name, market success and affordability, Sonal and Chetan Kabra built their first Stockland home off the plan at Elara as an investment property four years ago, and have never looked back.

After an impressive experience building new at Stockland, the Kabras purchased their second investment property at Stockland in September 2020 - this time a turn-key townhome at The Terraces at Elara. 

Recap of what you have purchased at Stockland and when? What stage are you in eg. building, moved in?

We have purchased two investment properties at Stockland Elara - a house and land package in 2016 and an established town home in September 2020. The plan is to use one of these properties as our retirement home.

Why did you choose to purchase in Stockland? What attracted you to Stockland? And the Elara community?

After doing significant research on other property developers, we chose to purchase with Stockland thanks to its respected and trusted reputation in the industry. The scale and stability of Stockland, and the success of its past projects, gave us great confidence in the company. Secondly, we believed the Marsden Park area was going to appreciate in value in the future due to the development of the airport. Stockland has good partnerships with trustworthy builders, a good name in the industry, quality homes and great communities - combined with the potential growth of the area - we believed it was a good long-term investment. 

As a first home buyer, upgrader or investment buyer what were you looking for in a house and a neighbourhood?

We were looking for a combination of a quality land developer and a respected builder. We researched the projects that Stockland had completed in the past and the future projects they were working on to ensure that it was a trusted and successful company. We evaluated how well the area and community was established at the time and what was to come for the community in the future, for example, schools, shopping centres, established neighbourhoods and other conveniences. 

Lastly, we wanted to understand the growth opportunities of the area and the geographical placement of our property. If our property was built by trusted builders and a big, successful developer such as Stockland, we had confidence in our investment and the value for money.

How did you find the process of buying at Stockland? 

The process, for purchasing both of our investment properties, was extremely smooth. We had many issues with other property developers but we had two very easy purchases with Stockland. We only had to visit Stockland three times from start to finish - once to visit the sales office and find a home, the second time to sign papers and the third time to pick up keys. It was so easy, it was almost too good to be true.

How did you find the construction process? Were you happy with the quality of the build?

We were very happy with the construction process and the quality of our build, it went very smoothly and we have no complaints. 

What were the benefits of buying off the plan at Stockland? Would you recommend others to buy at Stockland?

Buying off the plan was a big learning process for us - we had never built our own home but with Stockland and Clarendon homes, it was a very smooth and easy process. Building brand new gave us the flexibility to choose exactly what we wanted. We were able to choose every wall, cabinet and fixture. There is such a thing as too much flexibility though, sometimes walking into a ready-made home and not having to make any decisions is easier! 

We purchased an established home the second time around and we didn’t have to worry about anything, it was ready to walk in and start living. 

We would highly recommend buying and building with Stockland and have raved about our positive experience to everyone we know!