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Choosing energy efficient lights can reduce energy consumption for lighting by up to 80 per cent.


Energy efficient lights include Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs).

Natural Daylight

Yearly saving on electricity up to $270.

Save up to 900kg of CO2 per year (average family).

There are many different types of efficient lighting. Check the lux (intensity of light) and lumens (amount of light) to ensure you get the right lighting for your home.

Assumes all incandescent lights (~75w) in high use household areas are replaced with 15w CFLs and used for approximately 3 hours / day. Cost and CO2 calculations in tables assume 3 hours use per day.

Change over 20/50 watt halogen downlights to 10 watt LED models. Electricity tariff (weighted average between Peak and Off Peak) is 28c/kWh. Lights are used an average of 3 hours per day.

Check light temperature for appropriate tone.

Use of dimmers to provide relevant control to living spaces such as bedrooms.

Consider skylights or solar tubes (with dampers) for natural light.

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