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Increasing insulation in the slab, walls, roof and floor is the most effective way to reduce your energy use and provides significant savings on household bills.


Multi-layered insulation prevents heat transfer and minimises expensive heating and cooling costs.

Talk to your builder about waffle pods including slab edge insulation and protection - they reduce heat loss.


Save up to 400kg of CO2 per year.

Reduce heat loss with waffle pods.

It all adds up – insulation can save up to 2,000kg of CO2 over five years:

Common building materials such as bricks, roof tiles and metal roofing allow most of the heat they receive to pass through them. This is why insulation is important to achieve a comfortable living environment. In winter, around 42% of a home’s heat is lost through the ceiling and 24% typically lost through the walls. In summer heat flows at similar rates into the home.

We have become accustomed to living in comfortable internal environments of between 18-25˚C. A well-insulated home with good passive solar design can achieve this in many parts of Australia with no air conditioning or heating for most of the year. When you do need to use these appliances, having a well-insulated home allows you to achieve your comfort level by running them on lower settings or for shorter periods of time.

SoundScreen dramatically reduces unwanted noise transfer through walls and between floors to create peace and quiet. Including SoundScreen in interior walls can greatly reduce the transmission of noise between rooms and between floors allowing you to get the peace and quiet you deserve without cramping the rest of the family’s style.

Products used in the home

Ceiling insulation –Bradford Gold Hi-Performance R5.0 ceiling batts - the ultimate in ceiling insulation. Reduces heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through the roof of your home. Helps save money on heating and cooling costs and keeps you comfortable all year round.

Wall insulation – Bradford Gold Hi-Performance R2.7 wall batt is the highest density insulation for external walls. Makes the home more comfortable and energy efficient by keeping the warm air in during winter and cool air in during summer. Saving money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Acoustic Insulation – Bradford SoundScreen is an industrial strength acoustic insulation that will reduce noise transfers between rooms. Create quiet zones in your home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Mid Floor insulation – Insulating between the downstairs and upstairs of a two storey home will assist in keeping temperature control as the insulation acts as a barrier to heat transfer within the home. Midfloor insulation will also provide acoustic benefits by absorbing noise travelling between the two floors.

Assumes a waffle pod concrete slab providing an R1.0 insulation factor and waffle pod slab is a similar cost to a normal slab.

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