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Using the sun’s energy to heat water can reduce your household hot water bills by around 60 per cent each year.


Solar hot water systems also reduce consumption of fossil fuels otherwise used to heat water and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar hot water systems can be either electric or gas boosted if top-up is required at night time.

Solar water systems vary in price depending on the model, tank size and number of panels.

Solar Hot Water

Save up to $800 per year on energy.

Save up to 2,400kg of CO2 per year (average family).

Additional cost assumes going from gas to gas boosted solar. Low end savings assume upgrade from gas to solar with gas boost. High end savings assume upgrade from existing electric to solar with gas boost. Rebates include Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) $1,292 (* market price for STC may vary www.orer.gov.au). Installation costs starting from approximately $1,500 are not included in Total Cost provided.