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Composting at home will save money on soil and fertiliser; while reducing waste going to landfill.


A compost bin or worm farm are the most popular composting options for domestic use.


Save 200 to 400kg of CO2 per year (average family).


Food waste including fruit and veggie scraps, tea bags and shredded paper.

Garden waste including plant and lawn clippings, leaves, small twigs and branches and weeds.

*Assumes 30% of 500kg household waste to landfill is garden and food waste. 2011 greenhouse gas factors used for garden and food waste. Other sources indicate 400kg CO2 saving is possible by composting household food & garden waste. Basic compost bin prices range from $30 & $100 and upwards for more advanced systems.

Remember there are different compost bins for different types of waste.

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