24 June 2016 3 min read

Open your mind to a world of possibilities

Aura is a city where learning is a part of life.  A diverse range of education opportunities will nurture young minds and develop merging talents from childcare centres to primary and secondary schools, through to tertiary education centres and a performing arts facility. 

On completion, the city will include public primary and secondary schools and private schools, as well as nine sports parks to facilitate an active and healthy community, and an array of community facilities including a library.

When complete, it is proposed that Aura will have following future educational facilities:

  • 20 learning hubs
  • 4 early learning centres/kindergartens
  • 5 public primary schools
  • 2 public high schools
  • Up to 8 private schools
  • Cultural precinct with performing arts facility
  • Urban university in Aura's future town centre
  • Safe travel to schools with dedicated bike paths

Click on the video below to see our 'Education at Aura' snap shot.