13 April 2017   

Aura is proving to be the best medicine for nurses and other key healthcare workers on the Sunshine Coast who are jumping at the chance to build their own new, dream homes in the new masterplanned community. 

The strong demand for homes from nurses and other medical workers comes hot on the heels of the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital launching its first services.

Since the start of the year, around 20 per cent of buyers have been health care workers, many of whom work or plan to work at the Sunshine Coast Health Precinct at Stockland’s Oceanside community.

Aura is appealling to health care workers because of the community’s convenient location just a 10 minute drive from the health precinct along the newly opened Bells Creek Arterial Road.

Registered nurses Aaron and Michelle Bear, who have recently started working at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, are among the health care workers who have bought at Aura and they can’t wait to move into their new home. The couple were living in Brisbane until February and are now based at Little Mountain until their dream home at Aura is completed.

"Aaron lived on the Sunny Coast for about a year before we met, and he really missed the laid back lifestyle," Ms Bear said. "So, with our youngest children on the cusp of high school, we decided the time was right to make the move.”

Ms Bear said she chose Aura because of the overall plan that Stockland presented, the opportunity to get in at the very beginning and the close proximity to the Sunshine Coast Health Precinct at Oceanside.

"The overarching development plan was exciting to us, and it also fit our timeline for our own personal sea-change perfectly," she said. "It is very exciting thinking about how close our future home is to the health campus.”