27 November 2018

Today we announced a unique partnership with the Australian Cycling Academy that will see world-class riders helping to teach cycle safety to Aura residents.

The partnership will help to achieve Stockland’s vision for Aura to become a national cycle city showcase with infrastructure that encourages residents to get on their bikes as an alternative to car travel.


Children from Baringa State Primary School joined professional riders from the Australian Cycling Academy on a ride along one of Aura’s dedicated veloways to launch the partnership. The riders will also make further community visits to Aura, train on its roads and veloways and take part in future cycling events in the community.


Hannah Madill, Development Manager for Stockland, said Aura and the Australian Cycling Academy shared a vision for promoting health, fitness and an active lifestyle through cycling.


“Stockland is designing a benchmark city at Aura, which will ultimately contain 200 kilometres of bike paths, allowing cyclists to ride safely to all parts of the community including to work, shops and recreational facilities,” Ms Madill said.


“Already, Aura provides electric bicycles to visitors to use free of charge throughout the community, the recently opened Pedal Park contains an extensive ‘learn-to-ride’ circuit for youngsters, and innovative Ridescore technology encouraging bicycle use has been successfully adopted at Baringa State Primary School.             


“Stockland has also worked in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council and Economic Development Queensland in support of delivering world-class cycling infrastructure and programs at Aura.’’


Matt Wilson, co-founder of the Sunshine Coast-based Australian Cycling Academy, which competes internationally, said the ACA had a strong commitment to being part of the local community.  


“’We think this is a fantastic partnership with Stockland, as Aura is such a cycle friendly community and we want to play our part to encourage participation in cycling and safety at all levels,’’ Mr Wilson said.            


“As part of the partnership, our academy team members are committed to visiting schools and other organisations in Aura to teach the techniques of safe cycling as part of a national program developed by Cycling Australia.           


“Learning to ride safely is a skill that needs to be taught, and the cycling sessions will be tailored for people of different ages.’’


Ms Maddill said the first stages of the Veloway constructed at Aura, as well as to surrounding communities including Bellvista and Bells Reach, were proving very popular.


She said the Ridescore program adopted at Baringa State Primary School was the first of its type in Australia to record student bike trips and provide real-time information to parents.


“Under the Ridescore program, a Bluetooth beacon is placed under the bike seat,  triggering an email notification to parents when the bike is placed in the school’s bicycle storage area.


“Students are given a point for each day they ride to school and awarded prizes when they achieve milestones.’’


Aura’s Pedal Park, opened 18 months ago on Steiner Crescent, features a “learn-to-ride’’ circuit, as well as a more challenging circuit with a tunnel, bridge, speed humps, traffic lights and road signage. The circuits cater for a range of skill levels.