27 September 2016 2 min read

Aura is proposed to be an interconnected network of distinctive villages that are anchored by one of the three District or six Neighbourhood Centres. These centres are the activity hubs of each village and cater for the day-to-day shopping, education and recreation needs of their residents.

Each of the proposed Neighbourhood and District Centres at Aura will:

  • provide for knowledge, community and commerce, accommodating a range of employment, education, cultural and community, retail, community green space, entertainment, sport and recreational opportunities which meet the needs of the community, encourage community interaction and active healthy lifestyles;
  • respond to local site characteristics, settings, landmarks and views, and use natural features to provide specific identity and character;
  • are active places characterised by a high quality public realm and safe, attractive pedestrian areas;
  • have a local recreation or civic park as a central focal point for community activities;
  • are located to maximise accessibility and act as hubs for feeder public transport and walking and cycling networks; and 
  • contain commercial, retail and other uses which require high levels of accessibility.