20 November 2020   

5 min read
We’ve learnt a lot this year, including that family and home are the most important things in our lives.

We’ve also come to value health and happiness, community, and being connected to nature. Now it’s time to take those lessons and create your dream home in a community that helps you live your best life. No more paying someone else's mortgage or making do in a house you have outgrown, especially as your children are now, or near, high school age.

At North Village, the newest neighbourhood in Stockland's award-winning Aura community on the Sunshine Coast, you can upgrade your lifestyle and enjoy a brighter future.

A quiet pocket of home sites nestled in the north corner of the thriving second suburb of Nirimba, it’s perfect for families who want the best education for their children at future schools, and a lifestyle that is built around parks, playgrounds, sporting grounds, and community connection.

Here’s how to take the first steps towards a future your whole family will love.


Get to know the neighbourhood
Plan a few visits to Aura, the City of Colour, so that you and your children can see how it’s designed to make everyone feel at home. It’s a visionary city in the making, already offering 10 state-of-the-art playgrounds, including a skate plaza where youngsters can practice a kickflip, dog parks packed with friendly people and canines, and cycleways, sports fields and gyms, where you can stay active and healthy.

Download the map from the Aura website and take your children on a tour of the parks and playgrounds. While you’re discovering the outdoor spaces, get young environmentalists to listen for the croak of frogs too.

Aura is home to some of Australia’s rarest and has more than 700 hectares of habitat dedicated to endangered fauna and flora. For Insta-focussed teenagers, there’s cafes and twilight markets to hang out at, while additional amenities are planned for the whole family.

Imagine cooling off at the future Southbank-style lagoon on a summer day in the People's Place, enjoying a meal with friends at an urban dining precinct, or a fun day out in 100,000 square metres of retail space, including shops, cinemas and public spaces in the planned City Centre.

We suggest you take some time to explore the stunning surroundings as well. North Village is only 12km from the pristine beaches of Caloundra, where you can grab a coffee on the Esplanade, or take a stroll on Golden Beach.


Upgrade your work and play
Tired of the daily commute? North Village offers access to current and future career opportunities. Aura currently has a thriving business park, with a second to be delivered. Aura’s city centre, spread over 90ha, will include 50,000 sqm of commercial floor space where businesses of all sizes can thrive.

You could also choose to work from your architecturally-designed home, in a city that is designed to support home-based businesses, so you have more time to enjoy a morning swim or accompany your children to school on the cycleway.

Need to do a business meeting you can’t deal with on Zoom? Brisbane CBD is only 90 km away. You’re also 30km from the Sunshine Coast Airport if you need to go interstate for business or plan on seeing more of the country with the family.


Set your children up for success
We know you want the best education for your children to prepare them for a fast-changing world. That’s why Aura is set to become a centre of educational excellence. We’ve planned for up to 20 education and learning centres, from public and private schools, ranging from early learning centres to an urban university.

Your children can already attend Baringa State Primary School, while Baringa State Secondary College, Aura's first high school, will open in 2021. The second state primary school in Nirimba will open in 2022, and a Catholic high school is due to open in 2023. Connected bike paths, without a crossroad, mean your children can safely bike to school while you start your day.

But, before their first day, you might like to walk the route, or the school grounds, or arrange for your children to meet their new teachers or classmates. 


5 tips for moving with children 

  • Ask for their ideas for their bedroom, or family spaces like a home theatre, to include in your dream home design.
  • Share your new home address with your child’s close friends to help them stay in touch while they settle in.
  • Give children a box to fill with their most special things and let them unpack those first.
  • Move during school holidays to minimise disruption to learning.
  • Plan some fun activities as soon as you arrive, from time in a playground to a meal out. If you can find a group for them to connect with other children, that’s best of all.