27 July 2017   

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Find out more about what's planned for this exciting beachside community

Q: What are the sizes of the lots?

A: Bokarina Beach comprises a variety of product types, including apartments, terrace homes and traditional home sites. There will be approximately 160 home sites and 130 terrace homes available for sale in staged releases. Traditional home sites range in size from 250m2 to 480m2, with a smaller number of lots over 500m2. Some of the lot types, including terrace homes, are currently on display at the Oceanside Display Village (cnr. Lake Kawana Blvd and Birtinya Boulevard).


 Q: Will the development include apartments?

A: The master plan for the development includes apartment sites to be delivered by Stockland and/or other developers. It is intended that the apartment developments will complete the Bokarina Beach main street and provide retail shops, cafes and restaurants.


 Q: What height will the apartment building be?

A: There are seven apartment sites in Bokarina Beach with approval ranging from 4 storeys up to 8 storeys.


Q: When will the first lots be released for sale?

A: The first release of lots is planned for mid 2017. A launch event will be held prior to the release to give purchasers an opportunity to meet the team and find out more about Stockland’s vision for the development.


Q: When will the development be completed?

Stockland plans to complete construction of residential home sites and public spaces in stages, with construction of the last stage scheduled to complete by around 2020. The development of apartment sites by Stockland and other developers is likely to continue over a longer timeframe.


Q: What kind of amenity will be included in the development?

A: The master plan for Bokarina Beach includes over 5 hectares of open space including the central Village Park, plaza, lake and wetland area. The proposed park includes play areas, shelters, BBQs and toilets. Stockland also intends to provide land for a variety of community uses including a Community Centre, Public Access Club Facility and Surf Life Saving Facility. Construction of a new beach access path is proposed providing all abilities access. Future apartment development on the main street is planned to provide up to 7,500m2 GFA of retail and commercial space for shops, cafes and restaurants. The proposed extensive pedestrian / cycle network will connect residents to the future Town Centre, Sunshine Coast Health Precinct, Birtinya Island and existing established residential communities in Bokarina (north) and Wurtulla (south).


Q: Will the existing wetland on the site be retained?

A: The existing Bokarina wetland provides habitat for number of protected fauna species including Swamp Crayfish and the Wallum Froglet. The wetland will be enhanced through rehabilitation and revegetation to improve the water quality and longevity of the environment. Educational signage will be installed around the wetland to ensure that the community is aware of its contribution to the environmental values of the area.  


Q: Will the coastal pathway be extended through the development?

A: Stockland plans to construct a new section of the coastal pathway adjacent to the dunes between Wurley Drive and Beach Drive. The alignment of the path will integrate with the planned wider network of pathways and cycle ways to be provided as part of the Bokarina Beach development as well as completed sections of the Coastal Pathway to the north and south.


Q: Will there be a beach access and what will it look like?

A: Stockland are currently working through the design of the beach access to ensure that it is not only safe and functional, but that is also creates a unique experience through the dunes. The location of the beach access will have strong synergies with the future Surf Life Saving facility as well as incorporate a viewing deck and life guard tower.


Q: What will the Surf Life Saving facility be and when will it be delivered?

A: Stockland are committed to providing a 5,000m2 site immediately adjacent the proposed new beach access to Surf Life Saving Queensland. It is anticipated that this land will be provided to Surf Life Saving Queensland in mid-2019. The site is likely to be used as storage facility for equipment (such as buggies, boards, flags etc.). In the future it may be developed into a club, however this will be at the discretion of Surf Life Saving Queensland. 


Q: When will the Community Centre be delivered?

A: Stockland are committed to delivering a 3,000m2 site to Sunshine Coast Council for a future local level Community Centre. It is anticipated that this land will be provided to Council in mid-2019. Council will be responsible for further development of the site including the construction of any buildings, the timing of which will depend on Council funding.


Q: What is a Public Access Club Facility and when will it be delivered?

A: The Bokarina Beach masterplan includes a centrally located 10,000m2 Public Access Club Facility site. A Public Access Club Facility is defined as a premises, being privately or publicly operated, which services the community with facilities such as a licensed bar, restaurant and/or café, and may also contain ancillary or supporting services such as a community hall, meeting rooms, child care and community office space. Likely operators or user groups may include sporting and recreation clubs, service and social clubs and organizations and/or cultural or interest groups.


 Q: Has a Cultural Assessment of the Project been undertaken?

A:  A Cultural Heritage Management Plan has been approved for this project and all monitoring measures are being undertaken as part of construction of the development.


Q: What are the Nicklin Way upgrade works and when will the works be completed?

A: Stockland has commenced preliminary works for a $19 million upgrade of Nicklin Way and construction of a pedestrian underpass. Construction will be carried out in stages and the road works are expected to take 18 months to complete. The project is expected to include:

•             Two new bridges on Nicklin Way with a pedestrian and cycle path underneath and the extension of Lake Kawana into the Bokarina Beach site;

•             An additional south-bound lane through the intersection which will allow more traffic to pass through;

•             A new signalised junction with Bokarina Boulevard at the intersection of Nicklin Way and Lake Kawana Boulevard to provide access to the Bokarina Beach site;

•             An additional right-hand turn lane into Lake Kawana Boulevard to improve access to the Sunshine Coast Health Precinct;

•             A new north-bound dedicated bus lane through the intersection and an indented bus stop on the south-bound lane just south of Beach Drive;

•             New dedicated bicycle lanes and an upgraded pedestrian crossing; and

•             Other associated works including undergrounding the existing overhead high voltage electrical mains, relocation of Unitywater and telecommunications services and landscaping of the Nicklin Way frontage to the Bokarina Beach site.


Q: Will there be a link under Nicklin Way for pedestrian and cyclists?

A: As part of the Nicklin Way upgrade, a shared pedestrian and cycle path is planned to be constructed underneath Nicklin Way connecting with the broader pathway network of Oceanside. This path has been designed to provide strong visual links between the existing Lake Kawana to the west and the proposed new lake extension within Bokarina Beach.

Q: Will I be able to paddle a canoe from the proposed new lake under Nicklin Way to the existing Lake Kawana to the west?

A: The proposed new lake extension within the project will physically connect with Lake Kawana to the west as a single water body.  Two new bridges are planned to be constructed on Nicklin Way which will provide a waterway connection that is wide enough to paddle a kayak through. A future pebble beach in the Bokarina Beach site will allow kayakers and other recreational users to launch non-motorised watercraft and access over 5km of trails around the greater Lake Kawana area.


Q: As a significant tourist destination there are likely to be a high number of visitors to Bokarina Beach.  Where will they park?

A: The masterplan for Bokarina Beach provides for a generous amount of on street car parking opportunities throughout the development. All streets have been designed with dedicated (indented) on-street car parking bays. Residential lots also have sufficient garage setback requirement to accommodate visitor parking in the driveway. Retail, commercial and apartment sites are also required to provide their own on site car parking facilities for their users. Time-restricted on-street parking may be implemented by Council in the future to ensure that on street parking is appropriately managed.


Q: How long will the settlement process take once I sign a contract to purchase a lot?

A: The settlement date for your lot will be dependent on the timing of construction completion of the relevant stage works. An estimate of settlement timeframe specific to your lot will be provided to you before you sign the contract to purchase. Please refer to the completion date and sunset date (and provisions concerning any extensions to these dates) in your contract for sale.


Q: Will NBN be made available within the project?

A: Bokarina Beach will be supplied with the NBN network. Stockland,  as developer, is responsible for installing the pit and pipe conduit infrastructure during the stage construction. NBN Co accept this infrastructure upon the completion of works and are then responsible for installing the fibre and connecting the stage. NBN is typically ready to connect within 3-6 months of stage completion. 

In-house wiring will need to comply with the requirements of NBN in-home wiring guide including Home Distributor, Conduiting, Category 6 wiring and power supply.

Q: Are any of the home sites acoustically affected and if so, what measures will be in place to mitigate noise impacts?

A: Some lots within the Bokarina Beach community are potentially affected by road traffic noise. For affected lots, dwellings must be designed to ensure that appropriate internal noise levels are achieved. Stockland will also be providing an acoustic fence along the length of the Nicklin Way returning into both Beach Drive and Wurley Drive. The height of the acoustic fences will vary from 1.8 metres to 2.3 metres. Acoustic affected lots are nominated on the Development Controls Plan which is included in the Contract of Sale and will be disclosed prior to purchasing the lot.


Q: Will there be a building covenant?

A: Stockland has design guidelines (Bokarina Beach Design Essentials) in place for all residential lots in Bokarina Beach. The Design Essentials form part of the Contract of Sale and assist when designing your home and garden. They are designed to create an attractive streetscape that results in a cohesive urban form, while not precluding individual design solutions. The Design Essentials apply in addition to, and not in lieu of other statutory requirements. Approval from your Local Government Authority or a registered building certifier will be required in addition to any approval given by Stockland.


Q: What is a Linear Park and what is its intended purpose?

A: Linear Parks are provided along Nicklin Way, Beach Drive and Wurley Drive frontages of the development.  These Linear Parks are a minimum of 10 metres in width (measured from the back of kerb) in accordance with Council requirements. The purpose of these spaces is to primarily service as a pedestrian thoroughfare along the external frontages of Bokarina Beach whilst also conveying stormwater.


Q: How will traffic be controlled from Bokarina Beach onto Wurley Drive and Beach Drive?

A: Traffic modelling completed as part of the development approval process for the project anticipates that the majority of traffic into and out of the Project will utilise the upgraded Lake Kawana Boulevard and Nicklin Way intersection. To further assist in minimising the risk of potential ‘rat-running’ north and south of the Project onto Beach Drive and Wurley Drive, Council also conditioned the introduction of speed control devices along these roads, including medians, pavement treatments and signage. The easternmost access into the Project from Wurley Drive has also been designed to prioritise the movement into and out of the site to discourage vehicle movements to the south.


Q: Will there be any impacts to turtles or turtle breeding in the adjacent dunes as a consequence of the development?

A: Marine turtles are protected species under Federal legislation (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 i.e. EPBC), with the main species nesting on Sunshine Coast beaches being the Loggerhead Turtle and the Green Turtle. TurtleCare Sunshine Coast (a voluntary organisation) research has identified that between November 2005 and March 2015 a total of 88 turtle nesting crawls were recorded between Currimundi Lake and Wyanda Drive, Bokarina. Of the total nest crawls: 79 were Loggerhead turtle nests;  3 were Green turtle nests; and 6 comprised turtles where the species was not recorded.

Stockland is committed to ensuring that the Bokarina Beach development will not impact on the nesting and hatching of marine turtles, and has worked with independent environmental consultants to ensure that Federal legislative requirements are adhered to, in particular with regards to lighting. A lighting assessment was undertaken through a Federal EPBC approval process to identify direct light spillage onto the Bokarina Beach foreshore from future buildings. Modelling indicates that there will be no direct light spill onto the foreshore and light sources that face the beach will be restricted. Notwithstanding, Stockland has committed to a number of mitigation measures to further reduce potential direct and ambient lighting impacts, including:

•             Restricting flood lighting on buildings to below 10 metres;

•             Aligning the beach access track to minimise direct illumination of the foreshore;

•             Restricting the use of illuminated external signage on the eastern (seaward) side of buildings;

•             Minimising the height of street lights and installing directional light shades on street lights to direct lighting away from the beach within 100m of the foreshore; and

•             Restriction construction works to daylight hours during turtle nesting and hatching season (October to April). 


All information, details and statements included in these FAQs are indicative only and are based on the intention of, and information available to, Stockland as at July 2017 and may change due to future circumstances.