We have been creating places that meet the needs of our customers and communities for over 60 years. Throughout this time our customers and communities have been growing, adapting, sharing and changing our places into their places.

That sentiment has made us into Australia's leading property group with places as diverse as residential communities, townhomes, apartments, retirement living villages, retail and more. We believe, of course, in environmental sustainability. But just as importantly we believe in social sustainability, we create places where communities thrive. We make the places. You make them your own.

Vee Design
Vee Design

Vee Design is an internationally acclaimed landscape architecture, urban design and master planning company, with offices in Australia and China. They coordinate and consider all aspects of the built environment to deliver holistic and integrated design solutions that address all issues and maximise all possibilities. Vee Design believe that innovative design is the result of true collaboration between the client, designer, engineer, contractor and other key specialist contributors. Their difference lies in their genuine passion to deliver great outcomes for their clients and communities. 

RCQ Construction

Founded in 1987 RCQ Construction is one of Queensland's most respected construction companies, boasting over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Responsible for the delivery of more than $100 million worth of projects each year, RCQ Construction possesses a trusted reputation for delivering high quality projects as well as industry-leading design and construction solutions.